Friday, June 22, 2018

July Bullet Journal Set Up

Hello everyone!

I will be at a family reunion in a week from now, when I would normally post the next month's set up in my bullet journal. For that reason I had to set up the month of July earlier so that I would have a bullet journal to use during those first 10 days of July. I did some different things in setting up the month of July, not so much the layouts, but what I used to create the July theme.

July 1st is Canada Day, and I chose that as my July theme. I used a stamp set I have had for a few years and finally used for the first time, and for those of you that are scrapbookers and card makers will see that I also used a couple of Spellbinders dies to create paper die cut stickers. I used a 5" x7" card envelope in a beautiful red to cut into 3/16" strips to use for some of my red lines and borders. I did not want red marker to be seen through the paper and wanted them to look straight, and for that reason chose to do this. It worked pretty well. I must, however, apologize for the slight blurriness of the photos in today's post. I am not sure what transpired to make them so. I believe it happened in the editing of the photos. But, I believe you can still see everything well enough.

So as you can see in the photo below, the left page is all stamped onto a piece of paper. I did this so that the stamping would not show through the paper to the other side. It works well. I even found an older silver metallic ink ad to use for the fireworks. I was actually surprised that the ink still worked well and had not dried out. I then took my metallic silver gel pen and traced around the edge of the paper I stamped on to create a silver border.

On the right page, above, I stamped the Mounted Police and coloured it with markers, cut it out and attached. The banner/sign is a layered die cut, and the maple leaf as well. I used the silver pen to draw in the veins of the leaves. I love the extra wide washi tape with the watercolour scenes that go so well with the theme. In the western part of Canada, this could so easily be what you would see.

I decided to see if I could give a better look of the silver inked fireworks in this next close up.

And next, a closer look at the right page showing you the glitter washi tape, the red paper strip, the narrow lines and dot washi, and the wide scenery washi.

Next in my bullet journal comes the 'month at a glance' or monthly calendar set up.

Here is a closer look at the July lettering. Hopefully you can see the silver metallic outline of the letters.

The next spread is my monthly 'brain dump'. For the month of June, I did not fill my brain dump pages as much as I normally do, but it is still nice to have that space.

Here, I have made a silver line border with maple leaf corners, and used that wide scenery washi tape framed in with faux stitching and silver lined border.

Wanting to keep track of cards created for classes and card making kits, I like to include a space to put in a photo, name and date of the project or class, and list of things I need to for the launch of the kit or class to mark completed when done.

Next comes my monthly finance tracker. As you can see, I added a family reunion spending section for this month.

The next photo is my monthly habit tracker. However, as you can see it is incomplete. I still need to complete numbering the days in the boxes and add the list of things I will be tracking. But, I needed to get this posted as I am getting busy preparing and packing things for the reunion over the next few days. Who would have thought there was so much to prepare to take with you when you are in charge of organizing the reunion! You do get the idea of the layout despite the lack of it's incompleteness, however. You can also see that it is a little different from June's habit tracker seen in this post.

Well, that is it for the July monthly set up. The next post will be for the first week set up. It will be different, however, in the fact that I will be setting up for the 10 days of the reunion, rather than the usual weekly spread.

I would love to hear what you have to say about my July set up, or any questions you may have that you would like me to answer for you. If you have a bullet journal, I would love to hear if you have chosen a theme for July.

Happy creating everyone!

Bullet Journal - Week 26 - June 24th to 30th

OK. This is definitely the half way point of the year. Week 26. Everything is basically the same with the exception of switching the colour to a light pink. For this week, I do not have any classes and decided that I will be very busy with the last minute details of the run-on, so I did not divide my days into the three usual categories and using the space to help prepare to leave on the 29th. Those are the only 2 differences from the previous weeks.

This spread remains the same...just switched to light pink.

I only kept the reunion note pages to two this time, but added a packing page. When I had taken the photos, I had not yet decided how to break it down, so it is just two silver metallic columns here.

I do have a blank page that I left, just incase I needed it. And, the weekly journaling section is still the same.

Hope you have enjoyed my June Bullet Journal layouts. For July, I have a Canada Day Theme going, so be sure to check that out when it get's posted next week. I will be away, but will have it scheduled for you.

Happy creating! And happy journaling!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Photos From The Start of More Shabby Chic Classes

Welcome back! Not just to you, my blog friends, but to starting up shabby chic card classes again. Remember this class post? Well yesterday we had that class, and I would like to share with you the photos I took of the ladies creating their cards.

I only tooks photos when they were nearly done with each card.

And then the last card...

They did such a lovely job on their cards, didn't they? At the end of class I took a photo of all of their cards together.

The 49th & Market Tattered Garden collection was such a gorgeous paper to work with.

Hope that you are inspired to try some shabby chic cards...

Happy creating!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Bullet Journal - Week 25 - June 17th to 23rd

Wow! Just about 1/2 way through the year! Where did all the time go?

The first week of June I used a light gray marker, a silver metallic gel pen, and circle punched pink images of flowers & birds. Last week I used a light blue marker with silver metallic gel pen and the same circle punched images. This week I am switching to a light green marker, with the same silver pen and circle punched images.

Still trying to figure out if I like this new set up or not. Especially the one line for my Gratitude section. For July I may consider another way to do this, or just make it 2 lines for each day.

I am still including pages to write notes for the up coming reunion. Do you like the silver metalling pen outline around the green lettering? I do.

With the reunion getting closer I decided to make three pages for notes this time.

I still have my weekly journaling section, but since the layout for that has not changed and is very simple, I did not include it in my photos for you this week.

Happy creating! And, happy journaling!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

New Birthday Card With Altenew Majestic Bloom - not for a class

I know so many people, many are family, that have their birthdays during the Summer months. So I sometimes need to make new cards if I am running out. I have dozens of cards on display at the studio but I can not use them. I thought it would be good to play with my Altenew Majestic Bloom stamp set, since I love the look of it, and I need practise using the stamps.

This card is for my Mom's best friend. Mom is no longer here, so I try to remember her friend's birthday and give her a card.

I was originally thinking of using silver embossing powder for this card, but could not find it. So, I went with Altenew's Platinum embossing powder and I loved it! Must remember to use that colour more often.

This next photo close up is to show you the stencilling I did in the background using NUVO Mousse in Gunmetal Gray. I wanted to use the Platinum, but found that was one colour I did not have.

The next two photos show a side view so that you can see the layering of the card better.

You can see under the pink blossom, that I used two layers of pop up tape at the bottom of the flower. The top part that is overlapping the blue blossom, has a single layer. And the banner is popped up as well.

I think I am getting better at using this stamp set. I am thinking of try a couple of watercolour versions with this set as well.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the card, and are inspired to create something.

Happy stamping!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Something Special For My Dad's Birthday

Hello Everyone!

Do you hang on to your favourite cards? I have done that from time to time. The one I am sharing with you today is one such card. As today is my Dad's 85th birthday, I was going through the cards I have. Most of them are newer cards, but I did not find something that spoke to me of my Dad. So, I started to look at the cards that are my favourites and that I have hung on to, when I came across this card made about 6 years ago. I knew it was time to give it away. It spoke to me of my Dad.

You have seen this card on my blog twice before, but since it was so long ago, I decided to repost the photos. I posted this card as part of a group that I taught for a class (Olde Curiosity Shoppe), and then again when Graphic 45 featured it on their blog along with other creative creations from the same collection.

So here is the card that I decided to give my Dad for his birthday card today.

This card is very thick from all the popping up of layers over each other, so a good one to give in person. Some of you may remember having taken this class from me. I think this was the first class where I had some major fussing cutting involved.

Here is a side view.

Hope you enjoyed going down memory lane with me on this card. Who knows, if you have some of this paper, it may give you inspiration to create something like this one.

If you click on the links at the start of this post, there are three different posts to look at related to this card.

Have a great day everyone, and happy creating!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Bullet Journal - Week 24 - June 10th to 16th

Hello Bullet Journalers! Ready for the next week's layout?

You will remember in my last Bullet Journal post that I mentioned I had made a mistake in my weekly set up. Well, for this week I corrected it by positioning my Sunday on the left this time. It does not leave a whole lot of space for that day, but I believe it is all that I will need. Rather than making those large numbers a beautiful bold lettering style, I just wrote them with a single stroke but still keeping them large and light enough to write over them.

I also change the Gratitude section to a horizontal, rather than vertical, layout. I made sure to leave one line for each day. (I hope that will be enough). I had to keep it to one line a day so that I could fit my Weekly Expenses under it. That makes one page rather than the two pages I used last week.

You will notice that on the page next to the Gratitude and Expenses that I have created two pages titled "Reunion". These are to make notes and lists for the up coming family run-on the first week of July. Then I go into my daily journaling section.

You will have noticed that I continued with the punched out circles I am using for the month of June, along with my silver metallic pen. I really like my two metallic Uniball Gel pens! I should check to see if I can get one in Copper. That would be nice too, don't you think?

Thank you for stopping by to check out my next weeks bullet journal layout.

Happy creating! And, happy planning!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Rustic Shabby Chic Christmas Cards with Carta Bella's Cabin Fever

Scrapbook Essentials BC has another Shabby Chic Class in store for you in August! And, it's a Christmas card class, too! We all know how card makers love to start making their Christmas cards starting in July to get ahead of the game. Are you ready to get started?

Rustic Shabby Chic Christmas
WHEN: Thursday, August 2nd
TIME: 6:00pm - 8:300pm
COST: $42 + GST

Contact Stacey at  or  778-533-4290 to reserve your spot

We are giving Shabby Chic a little bit of a rustic look with the colours of the Carta Bella Cabin Fever paper. Remember that Shabby Chic classes can get you a little on the dirty side, so dress accordingly. We will be scrunching things, tearing things, inking things, mixing things, spreading things, learning to use a pallet knife, and more! All die cut pieces will be done for you.

Now these cards are definitely not mailable, but you could include them inside the box of your gifts when you send them off. You can also make envelope boxes to fit the cards into and give to someone directly. 

So that we can get all four cards completed in class time you will have homework to  cut all the pieces and ink the edges before class. This will save class time time so that we can do everything else and assemble in class. Homework kits will be available the evening of July 25th.

PLEASE BRING TO CLASS: Homework, paper trimmer, scissors, paper distresser, TH Distress Gathered Twig ink pad & ink blender tool, non-stick craft mat, a plastic lid, pallet knife, liquid glue, mini-glue dots, double sided adhesive tape, pop ups or foam tape, bone folder, Tim Holtz Mini Stencils #19, white gesso, Liqutex Ceramic Stucco, NUVO Mousse - Cosmic Brown, NUVO Glitter Drops - White Blizzard, NUVO Crystal Drops - Simply White & Pale Gold, plus wipes for your hands & tools.

OK. Now for a closer look at the cards we will be making.

Next Card...

Card #3...

And the last card...

Making shabby cards is always so much fun. Hope to see you in class on August 2nd!

In the mean time, happy creating!