Class Photos - Mixed Media Home Decor

Welcome Everyone!

The fun we have in classes, and hearing how much people enjoy learning new things is always gratifying. Anyway, the class we had was the Authentique 'Solitude' Mixed Media class. I had to leave at 1:30pm to go to a funeral and the ladies were just working on the last three steps. So I do not have photos of that part of their creating experience or their completed work.

Here are the photos that I was able to get.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the progression of these ladies' work. as I said we had a good time.

Happy Creating!

2 Cards for 2 Funerals - 49th & Market


Some people, even when they age, for some reason you expect to be around for a long time, even if there were in their 90's. While growing up, these two people were very much a part of my childhood. Coming back to the area almost 8 years ago, these people were still here and a part of my friends' life.

Ruby passed away last week, and Barry just a couple of days ago. They were 96 and 97 respectively. These two people are from two different families, but we all knew each other. This means of course that I needed to make a couple of sympathy cards.

Whenever I come across paper that I really like I but a few sheets of them. That is often the case with 49th & Market. I kept them pretty simple, and just did some fussy cutting. So, here are the two cards I made.

It is always nice to use floral paper with the background piece including flowers and then attach layers of fussy cut flowers overtop of them to create dimension and a little depth.

I will start with the card on the right, meant for Ruby's family. It is more feminine.

The Altenew sentiment is heat embossed in gold, and has a few layers of fussy cutting.

Next is the card for Barry's family. Up until his stroke a little over a year ago, this man was so very active! I couldn't imagine living to be 97! Here is a closer look at his card.

You can see that even thought there are flowers, the colours and type of flowers and foliage make it more easily a masculine card. This one has only one additional layer of fussy cutting over the background piece, and I used the same sentiment embossed in gold.

Since I have been using so many envelopes for Christmas cards, and only a few left, I did have a stack of black envelopes. So I decided that with a gold gel pen, black envelopes would be OK for sympathy cards.

That is it for these simple cards. But if you have beautiful floral paper, I challenge you to use it like I did for these two cards. You may come across a new way to make some cards.

Happy creating!

Mixed Media Christmas Gift

Hello everyone!

Today I am sharing with you a Mixed Media project in a style I have never done before.

I have a 13 year old grandson that I needed to make a gift for. His sisters are receiving a Mixed Media project and it seemed logical to do the same for him. My only dilemma is that I have only used  a feminine style on all of my mixed media in the past. So how could I make something for a teenage boy? To top it off his favourite colour is orange; bright orange!

The next thought was how to create a religious theme using bright colours in a masculine way? I shook my self doubt aside and just dug in. So here it is. Oh, I should mention that the Bazzill cardstock is not a black or charcoal but is Bitter Chocolate, a nice deep brown.

Not only have I never made a teen, masculine, or worked with bright colours before, but this was my first time using plain Bazzill cardstock rather than a pattern printed paper, and my first time using heat embossed stamping, and using die cut lettering on a mixed media layout.

You can see in the upper left corner the copper heat embossing, which is found here and there throughout the layout, The double layered die cut lettering was attached after the texture stencilling and then painted over with white gesso before spritizing with colour. I love how the bright orange and bright blue mixed together on the letters 'a' & 'y'.

The chipboard laser cut piece was covered with NUVO Mousse Copper and then with a mixture of Aquamarine & a tiny bit of Seaspray Green to give patina to the copper.

To break up the solid Bazzill Bitter Chocolate background, I tore into the paper and added pieces of striped paper that matched nicely. I did not originally want to spray colour onto the strip paper, I just forgot to cover it. But in the end it really did not matter that much.

I was tickled to find this punch out compass to use. And I just noticed that a piece of foam tape backing got caught in the coconut fibres! Well it will not be there when I gift this.

Here is the other paper tear. Have you been noticing some twigs here and there? Well, I went to go collect some, but could not find any small enough or dry enough to use. So I went to buy one of those grape vine wreaths (from the dollar store) and cut it up to use.

The same is true for the unusual flowers and leaves used for this project; from the dollar store that is.

I really like this photo I found that goes so nicely with the colouring of the quote. Both of these I printed onto photo paper and then painted over with Clear Gesso once they were completely dry. It gave the images a nice matte look with some slight texture.

Now, I am hoping that my 13 year old grandson will like it.

Thank you for stoping by to share in my many firsts for a mixed media layout. If I have inspired you, then I am glad.

Happy creating!

Cardstock Standing Frame - For Young Women Class

Nice of you to take time from your busy Christmas schedule to drop in.

I am not sharing a class with you, as those on hold for now, but instead sharing something that I made for a class, tomorrow I am teaching for the Young Women (12 - 18). There were so many quotes that I could use and it was hard to decide on which one to work with. Once I decided, I found a nice backdrop photo and entered text on it to showcase the quote. Next I printed them out on photo paper and cut them out.

The next thing was to make the calculations to create a frame that would fit the printed quote perfectly. Because I used heavy cardstock, (Bazzill Card Shoppe Heavyweight - Marshmallow) by the time I scored the 10 frame pieces, my hand was sore from needing to press nice and firmly. Then I cut to shape, and before folding it all, I attached the photos in the center of the frame. Then came the folding with the bone folder and using liquid glue to assemble the frame.

The last thing I did was create a stand for the frame. I have made something like this almost 2 years ago as a birthday gift for a friend that I met as a Stampin' Up Demonstrator. You can check it out here. The measurements are different, but once you know how to make one, you can make them to fit any shape or size (as long as you can get it out of the maximum 12 x 12 cardstock sheet size)

So here are the photos.

It wasn't until I was taking photos of these that I realized I had typed the incorrect date! It should have read October 2017, not 2018. Don't you just hate it when you see your mistake after all is done and completed? I decided to just mention it to the girls, and they could use a pen to change the date or just leave it.

Well, that is it for this project. I had a lot of fun making something like this again. Hope you enjoyed this share and are inspired to create cardstock frames of your own. Remember to check out the link above, because it has a tutorial posted there if you wish to try that size used there.

Happy creating!

Mixed Media Story


A few weeks ago I went to a crop and spent the day preparing a mixed media layout for a class. I was not totally satisfied with it, and did not take photos or submit it for a proposed class for that reason. However, I realized that I just needed to add a couple of things to it to make it acceptable for a class sample and to post it as a class. I did what I needed to do to fix it up, but before I getting to submitting it, something happened. I received plane tickets to go visit my daughter and her family over the Christmas and New Year holidays! Talk about excitement! But then the next thing that came to mind was, 'gifts'! I now had to bring some gifts with me!

I decided that the mixed media layout would be a perfect gift for one of my granddaughters. I had already created one for her sister, so why not give this one to her? I could always get more product to make another project to replace this one for a mixed media class. So, that is what I will do.

I will share with you today the mixed media layout that is now a gift with you. I wish that I could show it to you in a frame, but I do not have one to put it into.

I wish you could see it in real life, because the photos do not do it justice.  Do you see the gold flakes?

I also love the added touch of the tiny pale pink glass beads.

You will note that there is a fair bit of metal embellishments on this layout project.

I have also used cheese cloth that was misted with colour and a tiny bit of coconut husk fibres.

Now, if anyone is wondering where I got these flowers from, well I went to the Dollar store and bought flowers that I could cut apart and use. I think it work out. What do you think?

See the white lace leaf?  I have a few yards of this expensive lace, and what I like about it is that the leaves are all linked together, but in a way that you can cut each leaf off from the rest. So I can tuck in lace leaves here and there, where ever I want.

Art stones, as you can see, were used on this project as well. I really wish you could see it in real; the soft "Tattered Rose" pink is not too noticeable in all the photos.

As to the photos/images, I printed them onto photo paper. I found photos and meme posters that colour coordinated with my supplies and printed them. It is nice to be able to print a quote that is already beautifully illustrated. They look great on photo paper too!

So I guess I owe you another class mixed media project to see. With classes much less in number during the Christmas prep time, I will have time to make another one for class to share with you. Everything I am working on now will be for classes in the new year.

Hope you enjoyed seeing this mixed media layout project and that something will have inspired you.

Till next time, happy creating!

Christmas Shabby Chic Class #2 Class Photos - Authentique 'Solitude'


Today I am sharing some class photos from this morning's class. We had our 2nd Christmas Shabby Chic class today. It was so popular, we had to create a 2nd class for everyone that wanted to take the class. So with out further adieu, here are the photos.

We had a full class, and many learned new things in class, which always makes for a good class.

Here are the ladies all busily working away.

Well, that's it for the photos that I took. Hard to believe that it is only 38 days until Christmas!

Thank you for stopping by to have a look at the fun we had today.

Happy creating everyone!

If you would like to see some Christmas cards I created with Stampin' Up product, click here.