Wednesday, July 18, 2018

I Forgot to Post This! - Bullet Journal Week 28 - July 11 - 14

Because I was going to be away at the family reunion, I thought I had this post all scheduled and ready to go on the 9th. I guess I did not click on the post button to schedule it. SO now you get to see it after the week is over. I also do not have any photos to show you this week's spread because as usual, when you come back from being away somewhere, you have a lot of work to do when you get home.

If you are wondering about the shorter week, that is because I had a different set up for while I was away. Once home, I needed my regular layout.

Same for the Gratitude and Weekly Expenses; shorter for fewer days.

I love the colours of the washi tape, don't you?

And at the end of the week I have my weekly review. It has helped, but with being away, I did not end up using it this time.

I am thinking about what to do for August's theme. I have a few ideas, but trying to keep it simple is a challenge for me. I have been sketching some layout ideas, so we will see what I end up using.

My next post will be for a new card kit I am making for Scrapbook Essentials BC, that will be coming soon to the Studio.

Bye for now, and thank you for checking in for a quick peak. Happy creating!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Family Birthday Cards III - G45 Fairy Dust

Hello Everyone!

Are you ready for the third and final card of this series?

Again it is 5 x 7, and this time the frame I used is  constructed a little differently. I did not have rectangle dies this size, so what I did instead to create this frame was to cut a piece of paper measuring 4 1/2" x 6 1/2". Then using my paper trimmer I lined up and placed the piece to line up at 1/2" on the right of the blade. I then positioned my blade at 1/2"  and pushed it through the paper and cut down to 6". I rotated the paper using the same procedure but adjusted to the measurement of the piece. When done this gave me a frame I could use.

Next, I used the paper piece from the inside and trimmed off 1/4" all the way around. I did this so that the pattern on this piece of paper would work better visually.

Next, I attached the fussy cutting I had done from scraps of paper and the Cut-a-part cards from the collection. Here is a closer look at that.

The next two photos are side views showing you more details. You can see that the frame is attached directly onto the background paper, and the centre part of the rectangle is popped up. The background fussy cut image is glued down at the base, and other images are popped up over the first.

This time I chose to stamp my sentiment on cream card stock and pop it up.

Between the three recent birthday card posts, you have seen two ways of creating a frame to use on your cards. Hope you have been inspired and are trying to use frames on your creations.

Thank you for stopping by to have a look. Upon my return I will have to get to making another card kit. So that means you will have more cards to look at in about 2weeks. Probably some class photos in there too since I have a class on the 14th.

In the meantime, happy creating!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Family Birthday Cards II - G45 Fairy Dust


As you know, I am away at a Family Reunion, and a couple of days ago I posted the first of these cards. Today you get to see the second card that I made for the Family Reunion birthday cards. Again, this is an A7 (5 x 7) card, and once again I had to use the stripped paper to create a popped up frame. The fussy cut images are cut out from the cut-a-part cards and popped up around the frame. It's not often that I decide to stamp my sentiment directly onto the paper collection paper, but in this instance it works well.

Here is a little closer look at the details...

...and the next two images show the side view from each side so that you can see the layering.

The one thing I forgot to do on this card was to sparkle up the fairy wings. I had a lot of fun  layering these images, and I think this girl is going to love all the fairies.

Have you ever created a popped up, mitred frame from paper strips? You might like to try it out. Have fun!

Happy creating!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Bullet Journal - First 10 Days of July - Family Reunion Time

Hello everyone!

By the time you are seeing this post, I will have headed off to the family reunion. You have seen my July bullet journal set up, and today I am showing what I have set up for the first ten days of July. Normally I would have a week at a time set up, but as I will be away for 10 days, I thought I would lump those ten together for this set up.

You will be familiar with this set up because I used it before when I went to Alberta and Phoenix to visit family. I like to set up a daily layout when I go away. The top left box is for my photo of the day, the little box just right of it is for recording the weather. The wider column under the photo space is for my daily journaling or highlights of the day. The boxes in the narrower column on the right are for scheduling and 'to do' lists with a section for 'gratitude' and 'expenses'. at the bottom is my food & water tracker.

Even though each day is set up the same. I wanted to show you how I made each day just a little different by using a different washi tape for each day.

More different washi tape...

At the end of the ten days I made a spread to add additional highlights of the family reunion and a place to evaluate the best and worst parts so that I can work them out better for the next one. I also have a section to record suggested ideas for the next reunion.

Well, that is it for this post. I will have four days after these ten days to create a weekly set up and will show that to you some time in the next 10 to 12 days.

Thank you for stopping by to have a look, and I hope that you are inspired to start your own bullet journal or create a different set up in your own bujo.

Happy creating!

Friday, June 29, 2018

Family Birthday Cards I - G45 Fairy Dust

Hello Everyone!

At our Family Reunion, one of the things we will be doing is celebrating all the Summer Birthdays, and as I have few cards at the moment to give away, I had to make some of them. The three that I made were all for girls between the ages of 11 and 14. So, I decided to use the Graphic 45 Fairy Dust collection to make the cards with.

This first Card I am showing you is a A7 (5 x 7) card that opens up a bit like a trip-tic.

For the front of this card I created a frame, something I seem to be doing a lot of late, by cutting strips, backing with foam tape, cutting the angles and attaching. Then I popped up the centre piece that I cut out of one of the cut-a-parts in the collection. You can't see in the photos, but I did put some sparkle onto the fairy wings.

From this side view you can see the layering.

When you open the card you are greeted with some fussy cut images and a sticker from the collection.

When you open the last section you are greeted with the paper that has flowers and fairies all over. The centre section I painted out when I edited, because I forgot to take the photos before writing in the card. I do know that this 11 year old girl is going to love displaying this card on her desk or dresser. I sparkled up all of the fairy wings on the paper here too.

I hope that you enjoyed this fun card. When was the last time you made a card like this? Do you want to try making one again? Have fun!

Happy creating!

Friday, June 22, 2018

July Bullet Journal Set Up

Hello everyone!

I will be at a family reunion in a week from now, when I would normally post the next month's set up in my bullet journal. For that reason I had to set up the month of July earlier so that I would have a bullet journal to use during those first 10 days of July. I did some different things in setting up the month of July, not so much the layouts, but what I used to create the July theme.

July 1st is Canada Day, and I chose that as my July theme. I used a stamp set I have had for a few years and finally used for the first time, and for those of you that are scrapbookers and card makers will see that I also used a couple of Spellbinders dies to create paper die cut stickers. I used a 5" x7" card envelope in a beautiful red to cut into 3/16" strips to use for some of my red lines and borders. I did not want red marker to be seen through the paper and wanted them to look straight, and for that reason chose to do this. It worked pretty well. I must, however, apologize for the slight blurriness of the photos in today's post. I am not sure what transpired to make them so. I believe it happened in the editing of the photos. But, I believe you can still see everything well enough.

So as you can see in the photo below, the left page is all stamped onto a piece of paper. I did this so that the stamping would not show through the paper to the other side. It works well. I even found an older silver metallic ink ad to use for the fireworks. I was actually surprised that the ink still worked well and had not dried out. I then took my metallic silver gel pen and traced around the edge of the paper I stamped on to create a silver border.

On the right page, above, I stamped the Mounted Police and coloured it with markers, cut it out and attached. The banner/sign is a layered die cut, and the maple leaf as well. I used the silver pen to draw in the veins of the leaves. I love the extra wide washi tape with the watercolour scenes that go so well with the theme. In the western part of Canada, this could so easily be what you would see.

I decided to see if I could give a better look of the silver inked fireworks in this next close up.

And next, a closer look at the right page showing you the glitter washi tape, the red paper strip, the narrow lines and dot washi, and the wide scenery washi.

Next in my bullet journal comes the 'month at a glance' or monthly calendar set up.

Here is a closer look at the July lettering. Hopefully you can see the silver metallic outline of the letters.

The next spread is my monthly 'brain dump'. For the month of June, I did not fill my brain dump pages as much as I normally do, but it is still nice to have that space.

Here, I have made a silver line border with maple leaf corners, and used that wide scenery washi tape framed in with faux stitching and silver lined border.

Wanting to keep track of cards created for classes and card making kits, I like to include a space to put in a photo, name and date of the project or class, and list of things I need to for the launch of the kit or class to mark completed when done.

Next comes my monthly finance tracker. As you can see, I added a family reunion spending section for this month.

The next photo is my monthly habit tracker. However, as you can see it is incomplete. I still need to complete numbering the days in the boxes and add the list of things I will be tracking. But, I needed to get this posted as I am getting busy preparing and packing things for the reunion over the next few days. Who would have thought there was so much to prepare to take with you when you are in charge of organizing the reunion! You do get the idea of the layout despite the lack of it's incompleteness, however. You can also see that it is a little different from June's habit tracker seen in this post.

Well, that is it for the July monthly set up. The next post will be for the first week set up. It will be different, however, in the fact that I will be setting up for the 10 days of the reunion, rather than the usual weekly spread.

I would love to hear what you have to say about my July set up, or any questions you may have that you would like me to answer for you. If you have a bullet journal, I would love to hear if you have chosen a theme for July.

Happy creating everyone!

Bullet Journal - Week 26 - June 24th to 30th

OK. This is definitely the half way point of the year. Week 26. Everything is basically the same with the exception of switching the colour to a light pink. For this week, I do not have any classes and decided that I will be very busy with the last minute details of the run-on, so I did not divide my days into the three usual categories and using the space to help prepare to leave on the 29th. Those are the only 2 differences from the previous weeks.

This spread remains the same...just switched to light pink.

I only kept the reunion note pages to two this time, but added a packing page. When I had taken the photos, I had not yet decided how to break it down, so it is just two silver metallic columns here.

I do have a blank page that I left, just incase I needed it. And, the weekly journaling section is still the same.

Hope you have enjoyed my June Bullet Journal layouts. For July, I have a Canada Day Theme going, so be sure to check that out when it get's posted next week. I will be away, but will have it scheduled for you.

Happy creating! And happy journaling!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Photos From The Start of More Shabby Chic Classes

Welcome back! Not just to you, my blog friends, but to starting up shabby chic card classes again. Remember this class post? Well yesterday we had that class, and I would like to share with you the photos I took of the ladies creating their cards.

I only tooks photos when they were nearly done with each card.

And then the last card...

They did such a lovely job on their cards, didn't they? At the end of class I took a photo of all of their cards together.

The 49th & Market Tattered Garden collection was such a gorgeous paper to work with.

Hope that you are inspired to try some shabby chic cards...

Happy creating!