Monday, December 23, 2013

My Christmas Gift to Dad - Desk Set

Merry Christmas Dad!

I grew up having Christmas on Christmas Eve, and since we will be busy on the 24th, I'm scheduling this for that day... my Dad won't see it before Christmas Eve.

A person always wants to make something as a gift for a loved one that will be something they will like and use. My Dad likes to read and make notes using a lot of stickies or post-it notes. I came up with something I could make him and went through my stash of dollar store repurposing/project stuff. I found a frame, and a box that would work beautifully for what I had in mind. But, what paper could I use? What paper could I use for a man? I decided to check out the many scraps I have from all those classes I've taught. Guess what I found? A bin full of Graphic 45's Bird Song scraps! I love those papers.

So here is the end result.

I've included a frame so that my Dad (& Mom) can place in it a more current photo of me. I' happy that I had all these strips to work with! Let's look at the frame first, shall we.

You can see that I added some red on the side edges of the frame.

In this photo you can see the little knob that I added to the top of the frame, hanging a tassel I made with a wooden bead. I also created a charm using black chipboard and a couple of the stamps I had left from an 8 x 8 pad.

Looking at the box you can see a Kaisercraft Metal Label Pull for a place to hold and open the box with.

Here is the box open.

On the lid you can see that I repeated the image inside using the smaller version from the 8 x 8 pad, while the outside has the same image from the 12 x 12 cropped   bit at the top and bottom. this way I was able to hide the adhesive for both image panels while creating red side borders for the one on the inside!

You will also note that I line the box bottom with cork! I created divers with black chipboard and glued them into the box. I added an entire package of mechanical pencils from the dollar store, for my Dad. He's always needing a pencil sharpener, so I hope this helps him. Then I have, also from the dollar store, a variety of post-it note sizes and colours for his reading notes, and more. I created a little section to act as a mini bulletin board where he can post notes to himself or reminders, and the note can be seen even when the box is closed. With that little mini-bulletin section I then had include some tacks too.

I hope that my Dad will like this set. So back to both the frame and box together again.

So that's it for my Dad's Christmas gift. I found that I have enough Bird Song scraps to make a few more things. I wonder when I can get to that?

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas! A wonderful time of the year!


Jill said...

This is gorgeous! Any chance we can get a tutorial?

Dana Nelson said...

Great idea, mom! I'm sure he'll love it!