Forgot To Post This Class! MME Christmas on Market Street #3

Today I'm showing you the third card of the class I posted  (MME Christmas on Market Street), with three more to go.

This beautiful wide stripes ,with narrow gold foil stripes in between, is a gorgeous and daring paper. Who could normally say that about stripes! The three banners on the card continue with the theme of wide stripes. but are kept narrower to not distract from the paper stripes.

Before attaching the ovalish wreath and cream banner, one would do any stamping first. It was just left blank for the purpose of the class.

Below you can better see how the layers are positioned.

I believe this card would be appreciated by both the feminine and masculine alike with the beautiful colours and bold impact of the stripes. A fairly simple card to put together.

Thank you for stopping by again today. See you tomorrow for card #4.

Happy Christmas card making!

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