Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Simple, Gorgeous Technique!

Christmas with the Cricut has another fabulous, yet simple, card for us to try out! My favorite part of this card is the glitter background, which I would never have figured out how to do on my own! Watch the video and be astounded!

Addendum 12/31/09: I made my own card like this but somehow forgot to get a pic and post it. My mom came up with a better modification for the interior. Instead of going through the hassle of using Centerpoint with a circle and square (pain in the keyster!), just cut out another snowflake card, minus the card. Does that make sense? Just redo the window side of the card, the snowflake, and then use double sided tape to adhere it on the inside of the card, hiding the packaging tape strips and any glitter that "fell through the cracks."

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