Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentine Treat Pyramids and Cards

Why not have a matching Valentine treat box to the card you give to those that are special to you? Here they are. I made these three for my grandson, grand-daughter, and daughter. Happy Valentines Day!

The pyramids are created by slightly altering the template of making the explosion box base, punching a hole in each point to feed the ribbon through to tie a bow thereby keeping the sides of the pyramid up and in place.

Each triangle on the pyramid side was cut and then embossed using the Cuttlebug and the Floral Fantasy folder.

In this next image you see two pyramids. You can re-configure the base size and height of the pyramid if you want.

The heart on this card was cut with the Cricut's Storybook cartridge. I cut off the little swirl tabs and tied 2 knots with shear pink ribbon on the left edge of the heart before ahering to the gray background. Then decorated with light pink rhinestones.

All three of these sets were the projects used to teach my first class to those wanting to leqarn how to make these versatile boxes. Can be created to fit any occassion - Easter, Birthday, Weddings, Bridal and Baby showers, etc.

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