Monday, July 16, 2012

Quick & Easy File Folder Mini-Album - Scrapbook Parade Class

Yes, it is quick and easy! Once you've made one, you could probably make one in an afternoon! (if you don't get too elaborate, that is) It's all in how you fold the manila file folder.
Even though this is a class project for Scrapbook Parade, I'm hoping to make three of these. I'm calling them "Omi's World" to give to three sets of grandchildren; three in Calgary, Alberta, one (and a half  - hee hee) in Twin Falls, Idaho, and two in Phoenix, Arizona.

I thought it would be fun to take photos of my home, where I shop, how I take transit, where I work, and so on. Because they live far away, and we don't see each other often. They haven't seen my new home in Victoria, and so on. So, a small mini-album for each group, outlining "Omi's World" for them, I'm hoping will be something fun for them.

This class will be held in August, and I look forward to teaching it, and in completing these fun, easy, and quick albums. Here are the rest of the photos for you. You see here, the faux leather strap, with magnetic closure, undone and completely open from the back view.

Here is the view from inside, before pulled completely open.

And here it is pulled completely open.

Next is a collage, showing you all the different pages with pockets and the tags within them.

A person doesn't have to use this idea for a mini-album alone, you know. It could be a recipe book, passing on some of the great family recipes to be handed down, or shared with a friend. It could also be used for a collection of thoughts or quotes. What idea do you have for what you could use a file folder mini-album for? I'd really love to know!
I did take some photos on how to fold up the file folder. I'll post it toward the end of August, after we've had the class.

Thanks so much for stopping by to have a peek. Love to hear what you'd use yours for!


Dana Nelson said...

So amazing, Mom! Love the colors!

Ginger Morriello said...

Love the colors and all the beautiful tags! Thank you for sharing!

Ginger Morriello said...

What a beautiful album. The colors are lovely and all the wonderful tags! So many places to journal and store pictures! Thank you for sharing!