Tuesday, July 17, 2012

August Summer Fun Card Set - Scrapbook Parade Class

While walking past a group of papers in the store on my way to do something... they caught my eye and I thought "Summer Fun" with bright green, yellow, pinks, sky blue and purple! What else says fun and summer? Well the list could be quite long, but there's flowers of course, banners, pinwheels! And here they are!

This is a very simple one with a die cut flower over a darker paper. The button is under the die cut on the dark pink button giving it a different look. The stem and leaves are obviously hand drawn on using Lime Stickles. What you can't see, is the Star Dust Stickles around the die cut edges of the flower.

 Summer always has banners somewhere, whether for a circus, fair grounds, big picnic or BBQ, etc. So I had to come with something that had a lot of banners on it.

And of course, pinwheels! Part of a child's, or child at heart, delight. I smile every time I see one or think of one. This is the first attempt I made of a pinwheel, and it was so much fun. I think I'd like to make smaller ones next time. I also had fun with the Stickles on this one too. maybe a bit too much fun.

Lastly, you might recognize this card. You'll fine it at this previous post here. So many customers wanted to make this card, so I revised it slightly and changed the colours.

So there you have the Summer Fun cards; class to be held in August. Hope you have fun coming up with some fun summer colours and card ideas! Happy crafting everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your comment.

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Dana Nelson said...

These are lovely, Mom!!