Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Birthday Celebration Wreath

-sooooo much fun to make! I want to make more!

Hello blog friends! I have something fun and exciting to share with you today. I've been trying to decide for quite a while now whether to make a birthday banner or a birthday wreath for a class project. Birthday wreath won out because I thought it was a little more unique.

For this wreath I wanted to use colours that were happy, and would represent both masculine and feminine birthdays. So My Minds Eye Collectable "Unforgettable" came to mind. And for those of wondering about the size, the wreath measures 15" in diameter.

For these medallion rosettes, I decided that since the strips were 12" long that maybe I could score every 3/8" instead of every 1/4". It worked perfectly!

Here are a few close up shots.

Well that's it for the photos. Are you inspired to make a Birthday Celebration Wreath? If you are, have as much fun making yours, as I did mine.

Happy papercrafting everyone!

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