Sunday, August 18, 2013

Button Technique Tutorial

Hope you are having a good day so far.

I've created a little video for you because a couple of people have asked me how I can feed double string and ribbon through the hole of a button. These questions arose when I created the following cards.

This one from March (2013)... which isn't a double string pulled through one hole, but is the same concept.

I did this same technique a little differently on this recent one, which is the one I will be showing you because it's a little more challenging.

You'll notice that on the first card I fed the string through each hole creating a loop to pull through the ends. In this second card I pulled I treated each hole as one. So how could I possibly get it through? I will show you in the video how I pulled through double hemp string, double 1/8" ribbon, double 1/4" ribbon, double 3/8" ribbon, and double 5/8" ribbon (the first four I pulled through in one four hole button)

Hope this gives you some creative ideas using buttons and string or ribbon. Thank you for asking, and Happy Papercrafting!

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Darnell J Knauss said...

Stunning button work, Sabrina! Thank you so much for the how to video!!