Saturday, January 4, 2014

Couture Tri-Fold Album - Scrap Addicts Event Class Project

OK, here is the Scrap Addicts Event class project in full after Friday's teaser. I was thinking of letting a bit more time go by, but decided to post it. I guess I'm just too excited!

Remember this posting? click here  Well, I was asked by Edmonton's new Scrap Addicts if I would teach a class using some of the new Graphic 45 papers. I decided to use "Couture" for this project; a Tri-Fold Album.

So this is the appearance from the outside. Because there are 12 pages plus more to see, I didn't photograph all the page tags etc. So there are a fair number of photos, but you can see even more in the video to follow the photos.

So that's it for the pictures. But, if you want to know more details and what the tasseled charms are for, watch the YouTube video and you'll learn more about this project's unique character!

Well that's it for this project! I'm so looking forward to teaching how to create this album in Edmonton and later in Victoria! See you all soon, and happy papercrafting everyone!


Pam said...

OMG! This is fabulous. Wish I was near & could make one.

Kay Mangelson said...

can we buy a kit with the tutorial?

BasketsCL said...

is there a tutorial to purchase for this project on your site ? thanks!

Sabrina said...

I'm answering two questions here from the wonderful comments made; I'm sorry Kay Mangelson, but I only sell the instructions accompanied buy video tutorial instructions.

And BasketsCL, Here is the link to where you may purchase the instructions.

Thank you both for your insterest.