Digging Into the Archives

I do have some new things I've slowly worked on while being sick these past couple of weeks, but I have to wait to post them for you to see. I did, however, say in a previous post that on occasion I would dig into the archives to post for you, and since I can't post anything new for you right now, I thought I'd share something old with you  

Three years ago, this month, I posted something that I was very proud of, and had tried a few new to me techniques for the first time. You'll have to forgive the photo, however. I was still new at taking photos for blog posts back then.  This is the link to the original post, should you like to read what I posted.

Today, I can of course see a couple of things to improve the design of this card, but I still love this card.

Do you remember some of your oldies with fond memories? Please share with us in your comments.

Thank you for joining me today! Happy papercrafting!

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