Cards Gift Set - For Sale

It has been a very long time since I posted on this blog. It's nice to come back to where everything started, and be in touch with old blog friends again.

Today, I am going to share some photos taken of a very special gift set that I made.

I took an empty CostCo Christmas treat box that has front magnetic closures and covered the box inside and out with Stampin' Up 'Timeless Elegance' DSP.

I used the 'Ornate Tag Topper' punch on both ends of the black cardstock to create the box label. From the side you can see the secondary exterior paper.

In this next photo you see the interior, and the fact that I had to add magnets to the flap because with the store paper layer and then  my own on top of it, the magnets needed some help to close the flap.

In the center I created a long box dividing the space into two sections. This box is meant to hold pens and such. At the back end of the pen compartment you'll see a tiny box. I created this to hold stamps, a roll of stamps.

Here is the little stamp box. It measures 1 3/4" square, by 1 3/4" high. I used the Word Window punch to make the little 'stamps' tag.

Next you see a dozen 3 x 3 cards made for the Card Box Gift Set. (I'm not showing them individually, but if you click on the photo, you can see the image a little larger to get a better look at them.)

Here are 14 tags that I made real quick to try and coordinate with the cards made for last year's card classes.

There are 14 cards in this gift set, so I had to split the pile into two. You will recognise these cards from last year's classes and postings.

The first seven cards...

The next seven cards...

With all of the cards out of the box, you can see that rather than make a box for each section, I wanted to see the DSP without having to cover all the boxes with more DSP. So I decided to hold the cards in their sections by just attaching ribbon on the bottom and tying them around each stack of cards.

A closer look at the ribbon ties.

A closer look at the tiny 'stamp box'.


This Card Gift Set holds 14 cards, 14 gift tags, and twelve 3 x 3 gift cards! If you were to total up all the items created for this set, it would come to $92.50!  With this box, once the cards and tags are gone, you can keep adding purchased or your own hand made items to put inside. Great gift, right!

Unfortunately this Gift Set did not sell at the Vendors Market last Wednesday (for the asking price of $75). But I am willing to go down in price if anyone is interested in purchasing this Gift Set...somewhere around $65.00.... It could be a Valentines gift, Easter gift, Mother's Day gift, Birthday gift.... If you are interested, email me ( and we can make arrangements. I'll even ship it with the shipping cost added to the price we agree on.

Happy Papercrafting!


Holly AKA KopyKat said...

wow, this is so beautiful! I'm surprised it didn't sell. Thanks for coming back to share your idea with us.

Sabrina said...

Thank You Holly. Have a great day.