My US Thanksgiving in Phoenx Folio & A Christmas Folio For Sale

It's me again!

OK, just to warn you, this is a real long post, showing you two Seasonal Flip Folios. I'm showing you my Thanksgiving one to you, so that I can also share one I made using scraps of Christmas DSP. That one is without photos and is for sale, and this one will show you the photo layout for the empty Christmas Folio.

In December (2015) I completed a new Flip Folio Project of my US Thanksgiving celebration with my eldest son in Phoenix.

Here are just a small portion of the photos. (I don't know what the colours will be like for you, but on my computer they are showing awfully bright and not at their true colours - Soft Suede, Cajun Craze, & Hello Honey)

It measures 8 1/2"w x 6"h x 5/8"thick.


For some of my more recent flip folios, I'm doing a lot more stamping on them than I eve used to, and using less designer paper. You can see that I used a number of different stamp sets for this folio. But if you make one, you can of course choose how you want to proceed with yours; less stampin & more DSP or more stamping and less DSP.

Hope you are inspired to create a Flip Folio for your photos.


Now I will show you the Christmas one that I have up for sale. It's almost identical, using a little more DSP, and is ready for you add your 3 1/2" x 5 1/2", Wallet size, 4" x 6" & 5" x 7" photos! You can use the above photo layout for most of this Christmas Folio.

I left the year off after Merry Christmas, so that you can either stamp it in or write it in.

Rather than the elastic (ran out) and magnets, I used velcro throughout. Within the stitched area is space for a 5' x 7' photo, or a collage of smaller ones.

Tried to get a close up of the details of stamping on the flap. Didn't show up too well.

Next you see the flap open ready for either square or wallet sized photos.

When the bottom flap is opened it reveals two booklets, and the center set of accordion pages.

We'll be going through those accordion pages, and the first one had a green pocket large enough for a 4" x 6" photo, with a tag that can be pulled out from behind it. The tag is great for square photos, or 4 portrait wallet sized photos.

When you flip that page to the left, there is space for one wallet sized and one 5 1/2 x 3 1/2 sized photo that tuck under the stamped oval nicely. On the right side (holly) you can make a collage of smaller photos or place three landscape and one portrait wallet photos as you see in the Thanksgiving folio.

Detail shot...

When you flip the next page to the left, you see another velcro flap on the left. Within the stitching area you can place a collage of smaller photos or position a 4 x 6 photo.

Flip up the flap and see space for your choice of photo arrangement with a journaling spot.

On the right there is a narrow band of red. On this you can place five 1 7/8" photos.

Next we close the pages turned to the original position and start turning pages to the right. When we turn the first page to the right, a double page spread is revealed. the two flaps, tucked into the ribbon, holds landscape wallet sized photos. Not to say you can't place portrait ones there, you just have fewer photos on the flaps then.

Here you see the flaps open...

Turning the next page to the right, you see another flap on the left and a large mat on the right. The left is a decorative flap; on the right you place any sized photo/s you like.

Here is a close up of the flap details...

When you lift up the flap you can create a nice little layout, or add two large photos.

Turning the last flap on the left, is a layout for three 5 1/2 x 3 1/2 photos (as per the Thanksgiving Folio). One of these photos will have to be cut in half because it is centered on the fold, so be sure you use a photo where that will work.

Now we go back to the bottom flap that reveal two booklets. The one on the right is to add a couple of photos to, and the one on the left has a space for a wallet sized photo on the cover. However, on the inside it has paper pages to write about your Christmas happenings.



So, that's it for this flip folio. I had the Christmas Flip Folio up for sale at the Vendor market last week, but it did not sell. So if any of my viewers are interested in purchasing it, it is still for sale.

$30.00 if you can pick it up at my place or when I'm at the Crops at the Legion
$40.00 if I need to ship it to you.

Let me know if you are interested.

Thank you for letting me share these with you today, and Happy Creating!


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