SBEBC Envelope Punch Board Class 'B'

PUNCH BOARD classes will soon be starting! And 1st up is the ENVELOPE PUNCH BOARD!

This is class 'B' of the Envelope Punch Board

Envelope Punch Board Class B

When: Saturday, March 4th
Time: 2:00 - 4:30
Cost: $25 + GST
Where: 3730 Grange Road in the Studio

For the Envelope Punch Board Class 'B', we continue with learning the versatile things that can be created on this board. The focus will be mainly on boxes/containers and a little mini-album with envelope pages and tabbed tags. We will also learn how to make a variety of edges on the envelope punch board. These are great for both cardmaking and scrapbooking!

Not all of the projects are embellished to completion, and that is because the focus is on creating the item itself. Like this little box we are starting with. The lid, or top, is empty and waiting for your finishing touch.

Next, is a case from 'Pootles' online. She created this adorable flower box which we will be making in class.

This too, is a 'Pootles' creation, and a little more challenging of a box to create. For this one I will also create a larger version in your instructions, that I worked out for you to try at home.What I like about it is that when you have the two sizes, you can stack them, and it looks real cute!

Many of us have made Christmas crackers before, but many of the instructions out there are only for real small ones. This is a much larger, more traditional size, and can be not only for Christmas, but for Birthdays, and any party you can think of! This one has a secret on how it keeps it shape and the contents inside without falling out. Find out how in class.

For this fun project, you will not be getting the cellophane wrap or bow, we are just making the mug. (the doily is attached).

Everything inside this little min-album is made using the Envelope Punch Board! This is just a four page/pocket album, and I doubt it will be completed in class. But the step by step instructions you take home with you will help you complete it.

And lastly, we have several different look borders that can be created using the Envelope Punch Board.

Whoops, forgot to take these photos. Will post them soon, here.

Remember there will be projects to create in you instructions that we will not be making in class! An extra bonus!

The next Punch Board Class is the 'Gift Bag Punch Board'! You'll need to check in sometime in the next few weeks to see what we will be creating in those two classes!

In the meantime, happy creating!

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