Shabby Chic Card Class! - Blue Fern Attic Charm - Card 3

This is the third and final card of the Shabby Chic card class.  This one has a little cross stitching on it, and a touch of Brussels lace! It's peeking out from behind a couple of paper tears, and tucked in under a couple of leaves.

A detail close-up...

The inside - Since the cardstock is so light in colour, I thought that a normal pen would be dark enough to write on it. If not, a slightly smaller piece of white could go over it leaving a lovely border around it.

So, will I see you in this class? Do you love Shabby Chic? Do you want to see more Shabby Chic? Have more Shabby Chic classes?

Till my next class posting, have a great day, and happy creating!

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