A Gift For Eva - G45 Vintage Hollywood

When I saw the Graphic 45 'Vintage Hollywood' collection months ago, I knew immediately that I could use this beautifully designed paper to create something for my daughter, Eva. She loves to create in a different way than I do. Her creativity is with hair and make up. Having been a beautician, hairdresser, beauty school instructor & manager, including an interest in fashion and costumes with a background in musical theater, she has many photos that she could put into the mini album with the Vintage Hollywood theme. This paper collection is so her.

When it comes to mini albums, with all the pockets, mats, and tags, showing it to you by video is much easier than taking a ton of photos. I completed this mini album about two months ago, but never got the video edited (minus music) till now. Enjoy the 12 minute video.

The album measures 7" x 9" x 1 3/4".

In the video I refer to Claire, but don't mention her site. I am referring to Claire from "My Creative Spirit"

Below are photos of the main pages as you turn the pages, without the additional photos of flipping this, and pulling out that.

As this project is a gift, and not a class project, there are no tutorials or written instructions for it. However, you are free to case any ideas of this project for your own version of this mini album.

Thank you for stopping by today, and hope you enjoyed the video and are inspired to create your own lovely album.

Happy creating!

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Dana Nelson said...

Wow! Super cool! Looks like a lot of work!