Spectrum Noir #5 class - Purples and Pale Hues

We had our last Beginners Spectrum Noir class on Saturday, where we introduced the Purples and Pale Hues to the beginner sets. These are the cards we worked toward accomplishing. In class there was only time to practise techniques and colouring the sample sheets. (forgot to take a photo of my practise sheet)

Here is the first image we worked on.

In this image you can see that the little blue bird was coloured twice. Once on the image, and a second bird to cut out and pop up over the first.

The second image (Penny Black) we worked on we also covered more practising of the hair and skin just as with the first card.

In the close up below, you will see that we coloured a second set of forearms with the hands holding a coffee mug, and glued it down at the elbows, while popping up behind the mug. This makes the woman seem just a little more dimensional. (don't know if you could see that in the photo above, but in real life it is more noticeable)

The photos below are of the techniques and practising in class.

The next Spectrum Noir classes will be in the Fall and will be different from this beginners' series of classes. To all those planning on continuing with Spectrum Noir colouring remember to purchase your Pastels and Lights sets, as well as complete your unfinished cards that we have worked towards over the last few months. And, HAVE FUN COLOURING OVER THE SUMMER!

Happy colouring!

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