Favourites of 2017 # 5 - Watercolour Pencil Classes


This Fall we started Watercolour Pencil classes, so I do not have much to show here in my favourites. After the initial class, our 2nd class was a big leap of father for everyone, but I was impressed with everyone's work. We do not actually make cards in class, but we paint images ready to use on a card.

See the class post here, and the class photos here.

We did take the time to make cards in this class, and since I could not decide on a favourite one or two, I putting all down as a favourite. See class post here, and I think I forgot to post the class photos to share.

Well, that is it for the Watercolour Pencil classes for this year. I have posted some in December, but as they are classes for 2018, I use them in my 2018 favourites review for this year.

Well we are getting there with my favourites. Just 3 more to go!

Happy creating!

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