Spellbinders Four Seasons Tree Class Photos

Before I leave for Alberta, I decided to take a moment and quickly post the photos of the last Spellbinders Educator class we had last week. Originally we had scheduled the "Poppy" class, but due to popular demand, we have not yet received our die order, so we switched the March class, Four Seasons Tree and the Poppies classes. (be sure to check out my note/question after my signature)

Here is the link to the class announcement, and here are the photos form the class.

I kind of forgot to take photos while the first card was being constructed. But you can see the 'sympathy' card completed.

In this next photo you can see both the first card, and the completed second card.

Now for the third and final card of the class.

We had a great time in class, and would like to say that those of you that ended up not being able to make it to class, we missed having you there.

Happy creating everyone! See you when I get back.

A question for you all...

Somewhere around the end of September/beginning of October, I came across the "Bullet Journal" system. The more I researched the concept, the more I felt this was something that might help me. So come January1, 2018 I was set up to begin my very first Bullet Journal. Would be interested in seeing my bullet journal layouts on this blog? I have found the system not only helpful, but another creative outlet that I look forward to every day. You can keep your customized system as simple or as elaborate as you like.

Let me know if you are interested in seeing what I do in the comments below, and I will include posts every month on my monthly set up/layout.

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impersenal said...

Hi Sabrina,
I would definitely be interested in how you set up/decorated your journal. I am also trying one out in an old notebook and so far love how easy it is.