Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Changes Coming!

Hello dear friends and followers,

This is happening sooner than I thought, and quite suddenly. I have been working towards an early retirement and a move back to where Dana lives, and despite certain delays in some areas of the plan, other things are moving forward quickly. I am moving back to Calgary!

What does this mean? Well over the next two months you will not be seeing very many posts of creative projects made. It does not mean the blog is shutting down, it just means there will be a delay in seeing new projects. There are thoughts and ideas brewing around in my head for some other changes, but will not affect this blog. So if you will be patient, you will see more projects posted here again in the future.

After February, I will no longer be teaching classes at Scrapbook Essentials, BC, but until then there may be a few more posts related to the classes I teach until I leave.

I look forward to being with Dana and the grandchildren again, and to my new adventure.

So in the mean time, if you are seeking inspiration, might I suggest browsing through the nearly 10 years of blog posts. On the side bar, click on a year and see what you find!

Happy creating everyone!

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HeatherB said...

Sabrina, I am trying to get in touch with you regarding a previous tutorial I purchased from you. If possible, can you email me at hbolli12 at gmail dot com?

Thank you so much! I love your projects.