Monday, February 25, 2013

Triangle Treat Box Tutorial


My apologies for not being able to get this out for the weekend. It turned out that I was a bit too optimistic about being able to squeeze it in. But I have it for you today.

This is the box that a few requests were made for instructions.

You may use designer cardstock, as I did above, or plain cardstock that you can stamp up or leave as is. For the tutorial I'm using just pain cardstock.

Begin with a 6" x 4" piece.

With a pencil and placing the 6" right side up and horizontally on your score board, mark at 3" and rotate to the other side and mark it also at 3".

Now place the 4" side at the top and mark at 2". Rotate to the other 2"side and repeat.

(I used a pencil to show you where you will need to score by connecting the dots)

Once again place the 6" across the top and score at 3" all the way down.

The next four score lines you make will be at an angle. It is for such purposes that I have filled in the 6" score line on my score board. It makes so much easier to score connecting the dots.

Please ignore the holes punched here. I went one step too far before taking the photo ;)

Now you will fold along all of the score lines.

Now you will punch the holes.

With the two flaps overlapping on one side, you will punch a hole about 1/4" from edge.

Repeat on the other side.

This would be the moment that you would fill the treat box.

Then you will feed your ribbon through the holes.

I like to use a 1" or wider ribbon. Here I'm using  a 1 1/2" ribbon. You can used whatever width ribbon you like.

Then you pull the ribbon through to the other side and feed it through the holes there.

At this point you may either tie a bow or just a knot as I did here.

And now, you can embellish the treat box in any way you wish to as I did for the Valentine treat box shown again below.

This treat box is great for Easter, birthday parties, showers, weddings, halloween, and more. Even as place cards for a dinner party. If you use the measurements I used here you can get 6 treat boxes out of one 12 x 12 sheet. You can of course change the size to fit the occasion or use of the box. Have fun with these simple boxes!

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