Friday, May 24, 2013

Spectrum Noir Class #4

-taking over the last of four classes for the very talented and experienced Julie who can no longer teach the classes.

I just love colouring with my new Spectrum Noir markers. Don't have them all yet, and look forward to getting them all!

Scrapbook Parade is having their 4th Spectrum Noir class in June with everyone receiving the next two sets - Pale Hues and Browns, and I've been asked to teach the final series of this class.

With these colours, the focus of the class is skin tones and hair. I devised a way where we'd be able to practice a few variations of some of the skin tones and hair colour combinations. We'll colour three images for one card and a larger one on another. I'll say this much about getting this all together, my practice images turned out looking better than the ones I made for the cards! But since I have notes all over my practice colouring, I couldn't use them.

Here are the two cards.

I show you each card and explain what we'll be doing in class. This is a 5 1/4" Square card.

You can see that the PI little girl in the center has a much better face. The other two I over did and they came out a bit blotchy. I don't have the time to colour them again. A note though, we don't have all the markers yet with this being only our 4th class, so I had to make do with the colours we all have from the 4 classes.

The little girl on the left is MFT's PI 'Birthday Girl' without her balloon. And the Spectrum Noir markers used are as follows:
Skin -TN2, EB1, FS2, GB8 on the pallet using FS2, FS6 for cheeks
Hair -CT1, CT4, GB8, GB10
Dress -PP5, DR3 on the pallet using PP5, PP3, blender
Shoes - black

The second little girl is MFT's PI 'Being Cute Is What I Do', using the following Spectrum Noir markers:
Skin -FS3, FS2, EB1, FS6 for cheeks
Hair -EB1, EB2, GB8, GB10
Pants - TB9, BGR3, BGR1, blender & Denim scrap
Top & flower -BGR3, BGR1, TB1, PP3, DG2, PP5 for flower
Shoes -BGR1

And the third little girl is MFT's 'Cute-a-tude', and using these Spectrum Noir markers:

Skin -TN2, FS3, FS2, FS6 for cheeks
Hair & flower-Flower-EB1 CT1, GB5 - Hair - TN2, TN8, EB5, EB8
Dress -CT3, GB5, GB8, GB10, blender
Shoes -EB5
The additional technique we'll do in class is using our Spectrum Noir markers to colour pearls! (PP5) These pink pearls were coloured using

Oh, and the patterned paper is from MME My Girl 6 x 6 pad.

And the inside of the card...

The next card, we'll use MFT's Doodle Garden 'Far Out' stamp set.

Again, the paper is from MME My Girl 6 x 6 pad. And the daisies are made using MFT's Upsy Daisy Die-Namics. Plus, I used MFT's Jumbo Scallop Border Die-Namics.

These are the Spectrum Noir Markers used in colouring this fun Doodle Garden image.
Skin: TN2, FS3, FS2, EB1, & FS6 for the cheeks
Glasses: BGR3, BGR1, blender
Hair: TN2, GB8, TN8, EB5, EB8
Hairband & Flower: Hairband - BGR1, TB2, TB1 - Flower - EB1, CT3, CB5 - Leaves - DG4, DG2
Pants: BGR3, BGR1, TB1, blender
Heart: DR3, PP5, PP3
Flip Flops: CG1, CG2
Top: PP1, PP5 on pallet using PP1

Here's a close up of "Far Out".

And, the inside of the card.

Well, that's it for these cards. Thank you for stopping by to have a peek. A list of the markers used for these 2 cards are below.

Happy Papercrafting!

Here are the markers used in the colouring of these 2 cards.

Three Girls Card

Girl to Left
Skin: GB8 on palette picked up with TN2, TN2, FS2, FS6 (cheeks), EB1
Hair: CT1, CT4, GB*, GB10
Dress: DR3 on palette picked up with PP5, PP5, PP3, and blender for the dots
Girl in Center
Skin: FS3, FS2, FS6 (cheeks), EB1
Hair: EB1, EB2, GB8, GB10
Top: BGR3, BGR1, TB1, PP3(zig zag pattern), DG2 (zig zag pattern), PP5 (flower & hair bands)
Pants:TB9, BGR3, BGR1, (blender refill drops onto denim pressed onto pants to give a denim texture)
Girl to Right
Skin: TN2, FS3, FS6 (cheeks) FS2
Hair: TN2, TN8, EB5, EB8
Hair Flower: CT3, GB5, EB1
Dress: GB10, GB8, GB5, CT3, CT1, blender for the stripes

Far Out Girl

Skin: FS3, FS2, FS6 (cheeks), EB1
Hair: TN2, TN8, EB5, EB8
Hair Flower: CT3, GB5, EB1, DG4, DG2
Hair Band: BGR1, TB2, TB1, blender 
Glasses: BGR3, BGR1, blender - a couple of light lines to show glare on lenses
Heart: DR3, PP5, PP3
Jeans: BGR3, BGR1, TB1, blender
Top: PP5 on palette picked up by PP1, PP1
Peace Sin & Flip Flops: DG2, CG2, CG1

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