Thursday, July 11, 2013

Photo Display Using G45 French Country

-I'm so excited to finally get to this project! Thank you Laura Denison for allowing me to teach a class using your idea!

I've been waiting since February 2013 to make this project! When I saw Laura Denison's project on the Graphic 45 blog, and contacted her and asked if I could teach a class using her concept. She graciously gave me permission, and now I have room in my schedule for it! Since other papers have come out since Laura's creation, I decided that Graphic 45's French Country collection would work beautifully for this project. And here is my version of Laura's project.

I chose to use 8 cards rather than the 6 that Laura had created. There was room for more so I made a couple more. There are just so may lovely papers to use, I had to use more of them, lol.

The next few photos are from other angles to give you a better view and idea of all the cards in the display box/rack.

The next photo shows you the display box, or rack if you will, and you can figure out how it works from that.

A few of the details on this box are mentioned in the video toward the end of this post. But, in the meantime, I made a collage of photos for you that show each of the display cards individually, and you can see them first. I think you can easily figure out which ones are the backs and which are the fronts.

And now for a walk through the project in this video presentation.

Thank you for checking in to have a peek at this project. Happy papercrafting!


Mona Pendleton said...

Wow Dana! What a fantastic project!

Dana Nelson said...

This really is huge and amazing, Mom... Did you get this done just since I left?

Tee said...

I love this project! You did a gorgeous job.