2nd Card - A Class For June - Graphic 45 Couture

Today, I'm sharing with you another of the four cards I'll be teaching in June. This one will be one of the blue cards. It's a square one and involves rolling paper, and cutting fine long strips that get rolled up to create somewhat of a feathery look.

This card definitely can't be put into a regular square card envelope. One would have to make a nice card box to go with it or include it inside a parcel being shipped off.

I was trying for a different look, one that had a bit of a modern deco look. It was fun to challenge myself to try for something different.

So that's it for the 2nd of the four cards for this "Couture" card class. Hope you are enjoying the series so far. See you tomorrow with the third card!

Happy Papercrafting!


Pam said...

Gorgeous! Love how you rolled and cut the paper.

Sabrina said...

Thank you Pam, for your thoughtful comment! You've made my day!
hugs, Sabrina

Pet73 said...

Such a unique card!