Repurposed Box for Card Set

My Mom has a dear friend that she wanted to give a gift to for Easter. She approached me and asked if I would make some cards in a box for this friend. She requested that the box be beautiful, but simple, and that the cards would have flowers on them. The cards also had to be easily mailed, with little bulk and weight to them.

I ended up going to my personal hoarded stash for things I wanted to use for myself in the future. I was just hoarding it all, and when would I really have the chance to use them when there are always more and more gorgeous papers piling onto my hoarded pile.

I began by making 10 A7 cards. The paper I used was given to me by a friend as individual sheets pulled out of a 12 x 12 pad. So I couldn't say where the designer paper came from. But It is gorgeous paper! Since the floral pattern was quite large I had to go with making the bigger cards. I made two of each, one in a landscape format and one in a portrait format.

Here they are.

Some of the flowers, or parts of the flowers had glitter already on them, but for the ones I framed, I covered entirely with sparkle by using Star Dust Stickles on them. This would help to bring out that one flower from the others. The only exception was the hydrangeas, as they were already all covered with glitter.

I took this box that you see here below, and originally had some chocolate goodies in it from last Christmas, and recovered it and re purposed the box. Here is the box before I covered it.

And, here it is after I covered it.

Secret Garden is one of my favorite collections, and it really changed the look of the box. I next created a divider for inside the box to have a section for the cards and envelopes, and a section for writing utensils, stamp envelope and a little box for rolls of stamps, or white out, or something else.

In this next photo you can better see the stamp envelope and the little box.

More of the little box and the envelope. I thought that the box could hold a couple of stamp rolls or some 'white-out', treats for when writing those lovely long letters to go in the card, or things to include in the card, like confetti, etc.

So that's it for this project that I made for my Mom to give to her best friend.

Hope you where inspired to try re purposing a box, too.

Happy papercrafting!

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