File Folder Scrapping Holder

Over the past few months I have posted "File Folder Scraping" projects.
  1. File Folder Scrapping I
  2. File Folder Scrapping II - version one & version two
  3. File Folder Scrapping III - is nearly done!
When creating the videos of thee projects I had used a magazine box holder I made from scratch that would hold six of these File Folder Scrapping projects. Many expressed interest in making one for their File Folder Scrapping projects a well. So though there is nothing beautiful or exciting about this box, I'm posting a couple of photos and letting those who are interested, know that the project is up on my "Paper Architecture with Sabrina" blog.

In the following photo you can see the original box in the background, holding three File Folder Scrapping units. The one in the foreground is the one I made to make your video instructions.

This holder could also hold several of your favorite scrapbooking/cardmaking magazines, store your
8 1\2" x 11" cardstock, and so much more! Make them all match for your craft room, or around your home.  So if you'd like to make one, hop on over to Paper Architecture with Sabrina!

You'll be finding the File Folder Scrapping III unit up soon!

Happy papercrafting!

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