Watercolour Pencil Class - Introduction

Some of you have been waiting for this day! You have requested that we have watercolour pencil classes, and here they are. These classes will be held every other month at Scrapbook Essentials BC, with the Spectrum Noir colouring classes continuing in between them. So if you are a colouring enthusiast, now you can colour in two different ways!

We will go through the different watercolour paper and what works best with them, difference in watercolour pencils with pros and cons, sharpening watercolour pencils, care of watercolour pencils, different watercolour brushes, dry & wet watercolouring, water vs blending fluid, gradient tips, erasing watercolouring, types of ink pads for stamping & watercolouring, and more. I will have a handout with sections for taking notes. The following photo shows you the sample sheet we will work on in class.

Class Description

Watercolouring is a beautiful art form for cardmaking, and even scrapbooking layouts. With a few basic tips and a little practice anyone can create beautiful works of art with easy to use watercolouring pencils.

In this introduction class, Sabrina will cover some of the basic tips and techniques of pencil watercolouring. Everyone will receive a handout in class with information and tips that will be covered in class. Each person will also have an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of watercolouring paper with squares and rectangles where we will practice these basic tips and techniques. It will be the perfect size to place into a binder and sleeve to refer to in your future watercolouring projects.

Future classes will have an actual project that we will work on, and in time will include some intermediate techniques to add to your watercolouring skills.

Please Bring to Class:
A non-stick craft mat, watercolour pencils (we will have some you can use for this intro class if you do not have any), a margarine/yogurt lid, a small bottle with a little water in it, watercolour paint brushes, Aqua watercolour brushes (these hold water in the handle of the brush), pencil sharpener, craft knife, heat tool, pencil, pen, & a binder to hold your practice sheet and handout with notes.

WHEN: Saturday, October 28th
TIME: 10:00 - 12:00
COST: $25 + GST

To RSVP for this class, contact Stacey - sbebc2011@gmail.com or 778-533-4290.

I have some favorite people to go to online to see their beautiful watercolour pencil creations, and am sharing a little of their work to entice you to come and learn, and perhaps, to become a master watercolour pencil artist.

Perhaps you may even want to create your own images to frame and hang in your home, like the one below. Yes, it was created with watercolour pencils...

Thank you for stopping by to have a peek. Looking forward to having some watercolour fun with you.

Happy colouring!

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