Making Some Bullet Journal Changes - New Yearly Layout Ideas

Hello Everyone!

Hope your day is going well for you. For those of that are following my Bullet Journal adventures, I am posting something different for you today. As I have been using so many pages for each month, and have so far been able to get first two months, then three months into my second journal, I have decided that I need to have an additional bullet journal. In this I can have my yearly spreads and keep the rest, my monthly, weekly and daily spreads my journal that I use daily, in my main journal. That way I save space by not having to migrate my yearly stuff into each  quarterly journal and thereby save those pages to use for the third month.  I can migrate the info from my monthly trackers and my weekly finances into my yearly one to have an overview of the year.

I did not want a Bujo with a lot of pages, so I came across these at with a good thick Kraft card stock cover to them. So here are some photos of what I have done.

I took one of the books and some scraps leftover from a Graphic 45 Portrait of a Lady class and covered the outside and inside covers as you see below.

Next I left a few blank pages for an index and maybe a key.  The next thing I added was the Birthday spread to keep track of birthdays. I can refer to this with each month set up that I do.

I used a gold pen for this layout, and some lovely Washi Tape with god accents from Alli Express.

I might be able to fit two years into each booklet, so I thought I would include a year title page. I have not coloured it in yet, but thought I might show you how I pencil things in first before using any of my pens.

Of course, once the ink has dried when I fill it in, I then erase the pencil. I will perhaps at a later date show you this page again when it is completed.

I decided to spilt up into sections Finances, Spirituality, Health, Preparedness/Prepping, and 2018 Achievements.

The finances are first, and please do not panic when you see the life insurance goal. I am not ill or know when I will pass from this life, I am just trying to not lay a heavy expense onto my children when that day comes, and decided I had better do something about it this year.

I love the quote by Abraham Lincoln, and am trying real hard to discipline myself in this area of my life.

I am hoping that this credit card spread will help me visualize my debt, how I keep adding to it vs the payments I make compared to the income I receive.

 I did not want my finical planning to be so serious that I could not have a wish list, so I made one that allows me time to get some of the things on there. I can always migrate some of them to the next year if needed. I can say that the other day I was able to put an 'X' into one of the boxes!

I also wanted to keep track of my monthly bill payments and made a layout for that as well.

The next section is my Spirituality. This is very important to me and over the past few years I have let some of these slide more than I should have. So I thought if I track these in my monthly habits and record them in my yearly records so that I can get a better overview of the year and what changes I need to make to improve.

I have only this spread for it. It is enough to help me track from my monthly tracking spreads onto hear with a little more detail, like the # of days I did these things.

Next up, is my Health section. This is something else that I really need to work on. Not just weight loss, but overall health with sleep, drinking enough water, exercise, and so on.  I also need to keep track of my chronic back pain, and anxiety. I believe seeing it in a whole year rather than just month to month, will help me and my Dr.. So this is the yearly layout idea that I came up with. We will see if it helps me. Again, I will be still doing my monthly tracking, but will migrate the tracking results to this booklet.

The Preparedness section is second to last. In the past I was very much into being prepared for what could happen and being self reliant. If you loose a job, get ill and can't work, or a natural disaster occurred, being prepared would be a good thing. Food storage, water storage, and other needs can be purchased ahead, used and rotated, or to be prepared to leave at a moments notice, are things we can prepare for.

For years now that has not been something that I was able to get back on track with. So it is my goal to start doing that again. Products and ideas have changed over the years, and so I plan to do some research, track that and the reading of some recent books I have purchased on those topics.

The next spread is where I plan to record the things that I do have and date them, to start keeping a record. In the future I may have to have an entire Bujo for all of this. That will be great!

It is always good to record your accomplishments I think, so I created a page where every month I could add them and at the end of the year see what I really have accomplished! Look forward to seeing it all when the year is completed.

Well, that is it for this yearly Bujo layout so far. I do not know at this point if I will add anything or not before the next year starts. If I do, I will share it with you. Hope I have created some layouts that have inspired your Bullet Journaling, organization, or goals.

Happy creating!

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