More From My April Bullet Journal Set Up

Before we get into some additional April spreads and layouts, I thought I would share with you a few more photos of my visit in Phoenix. These are the ones I chose because of the previous spreads I shared with you that included my drawings and watercolour pencil images of cacti.

So if you looked at the link above, you will have seen some of my cacti drawings. I was unable to colour in all of my drawings before leaving for Phoenix, but since I have been here I have found the time to complete some more of the colouring. One of these is the title for my "Highlights" pages.

Here it is. I took the photos outside at 7:35 this morning, and I realize that I should have waited a little longer to get better photos.

There may be some additional additions of drawing/colouring cacti to this month's layouts, but at this time I do not have further ones to share. I do however, have some of my pages filled in that I can share with you. This way you can see how the pages look like when they are filled in and used.

Here is the entire spread...

For the rest of the spreads I painted in a little for privacy, but left enough so that you could see what the layouts look like when filled in.

Well, that's it for today. Hope you are finding time to be creative. If not every day, hopefully once a week.

Happy creating everyone!

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