Mini-Bullet Journal For My Granddaughters

Sharing with you today a couple of things. First, you see this photo of yellow blossoms on a tree. In Victoria, BC where I live our blossoms are pink or white cherry or plum tree blossoms. These are very different, but just as beautiful down here in Phoenix where I am visiting my son. Just sharing them with you.

The creative thing I am sharing over the next few posts, is something that I did a few weeks ago to make gifts for my two eldest granddaughters aged 15 1/2 and 13 1/2. I created for them the month of May in a mini bullet journal (A6 sized). But be fore I show them to you I thought I would show you a photo of comparing the size comparison between my bullet journal and the ones I used for them.

My A5 sized Bujo is the larger navy one, and the A6 is the smaller pink one you see here. I chose their favourite colours; one pink and one purple.

I decided to set up only one month each, so that they could create their own preferred layouts for the following months. I created the layouts to be the same just changing the colours used and some of the letting styles, so I will show you the same page from each as we go along in the mini bullet journals.

This is the "Hello May" page from each of them. I used pink markers for the pink bujo and purple markers for the purple one. So now you will see single photos, showing the pink one first and the purple one next as we go through the pages.

We begin with the May goals spread.

Now comes the May calendar... comes the May habit tracker...

Because the pages are much smaller I ended up splitting the spread into two to have the space to list habits and goals covering each day of the month. This means that the habits and goals will have to be written twice.

Next we have the income and expense trackers, along with a gratitude page.

I did not create weekly spreads because the number of pages are fewer in the A6 bullet journal than in the traditional A5 sized. So I went and made up a daily spread instead. I did change these up a bit between the two.

I split the purple spread in half so that one part of the day's spread is on one page while the other part of the spread is on the next page. I divided it with a line across the pages both in black and gold ink.

At the end of the daily spreads, I created a 'favourite moments'' page.

As it is always good to do a review of how one does with keeping on track with their goals, and/or how the bullet journal worked for you, I then created a 'May Review' page.

And for the last page, I just added a quote, setting the stage for them to add the 'Hello June' page.

So there we have my two granddaughters' A6 Bullet Journal spreads for the month of May.

I had so much fun creating these mini bullet journals, and realized I could use this size myself for some things. I am going to create a crafting tools and supplies journal to keep track of what I have to keep in my purse so that I do not go out and purchase duplicates of something that I already have. I might even get another one to have as a financial tracker in my purse. Thinking about it anyway, and will see if it is something that will help me.

So that is it for this post. Hope that your week is off to a good start. Mine is, and I am looking forward to more time with my son and his family down here in Phoenix.

Happy creating, everyone!

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David Aspinall said...

thanks for this great gift idea !
you an awesome BJ person !