Denim & Girls (Maja Design) Card Kit - Detail Photos

This post is for those that purchased a kit and need to see more photos, or larger photos, than the ones that are on your instruction sheets for the Maja Design "Denim & Girls" kit of 10 cards.

I really enjoyed making these cards for you, and thank you for purchasing a kit. I hope that you will enjoy making them too.

If you haven't purchased a kit, but wish to, you can contact Carol at Scrapbook Parade.

So here are all the photos. Each set of photos for each card will be numbered as they are on your instructions.


Side view to show you what has been popped up.

CARD # 2

What's been popped up...


Check out the layering from the side.


On this card I made a bit of a mistake. The plane was to trim off an 1/8" off of the straight edges of the cuts I made, but forgot until I attached 2 pieces of the doilies and compared it to my sketch. I then realized that I had accidentally forgotten that step. SO YOU CAN CHOOSE. Do as I did, or as I intended to do.

Side view.


If you notice the inner green dotted frame, you will see that I messed up again! I did not follow my own plans in cutting this frame as indicated in your instructions and had to put pieces together. Yours will look a lot nicer and than this pieced frame.

Check out the layering on this card.


Now this card may look incomplete. That's because it is. I had inked and matted the Cut-A-Part for this card, but when assembling all the pieces I could not find it anywhere! And believe me, I looked everywhere two or three times. My only hope is that it did not fall into the garbage, because part way through making this card I took the garbage out as it was very full, and the next day was garbage day.

There is a sweet little Cut-A-Part for this card of a soft yellow skateboard being held by a woman in a pink top and jeans. This is to be placed on, and then attach the bow and flowers.

Layering on the card.

In the above photo, if you notice that the first layer is popped up less that the top, second layer, that is because I ran out of my favourite foam tape, and had to switch to another one which turned out to be thicker.


Here are the layers for this card.

You will see that I forgot to put a few drops of glue on the braided ribbon on the front, to keep it from lifting up as you see here. Once I get the card back, I can fix it then.



I love how this one turned out. It looked better than the one I imagined!

Here is the side view for the layering.

Last card, #10.

Do you notice a mistake on this card? Every time I played with the positioning, I did it right. But when I actually attached the tiny blue heart frame, it ended up sideways!

No matter how many years you work in in cardmaking, there are time when you mess up, and I did that a lot with these cards. I still love them and think they are beautiful cards though.

This is the only card that I stamped a sentiment onto. That is because it had to be stamped on a piece that is part of the card. The other cards can have sentiments stamped onto cream cardstock and attached on the cards later.

Here is the side view of this card.

I hope that these photos have helped you in putting your kit cards together.

Just FYI, the next kit will be a Christmas in July Kit! So keep a look out for it.

Happy papercrafting!

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