Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hostess Gift Card Class

I made this at a class at my local scrapbooking store (credit goes to Selena!). It's supposed to be a bag of cards as a hostess gift.
The bag has the flower on it on the left. I modified it a bit by putting a giant gemstone brad in the center.

I already used this card for my brother's bday. This was my first time using Glitter Ritz and I wasn't entirely thrilled with the experience. Very messy.

I modified this card from the original as well. The sample had the little bits of ribbon tied around the center ribbon. Instead, I made little bows with them, applied them to the center of the flowers and added rhinestones. I also added rhinestones to the horizontal ribbon and at the beginning of the sentiment.

The materials for this card was probably the most labor-intensive for the instructor but it's one of my favorites. I like the little flat tie of ribbon rather than a bow or even a tighter knot.

I really like the "flower" on this card, though the popsicle stick is quite heavy for it. Another Glitter Ritz embellishment.

More Glitter Ritz. I like the proportions of the different papers.

Another cute and simple.

This bag is adorable! So easy to make! After this experience, I may need to get myself a Crop-o-dile eyelet setter.

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