Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Strengthen Faith

It was a great feeling to make something that I wanted to make for myself. I've been so busy creating and preparing project samples for classes that I teach at Scrapbookers Paradise here in Calgary, that I haven't really had a chance to make something I wanted to make. Since it is the beginning of March, I wanted to be prepared for my Visiting Teaching lesson which is about strengthening our faith through scripture study. So here it is.



Box to keep it in and put away when not using.
One of the three quotes.

Place to write ideas qnd/or goals to help your family strengthen their faith.

And of course a spot to write about the results of our own personal experience in strengthening faith through scripture study.

It's always great to come up with ideas like this.

To Make this project yourself:

Cut 5 pieces of coordinating double sided paper to 10 1/4" H x 5"W and score at 6 3/4"H. DO NOT FOLD YET.

Cut 5 tag cards from these same papers, or other double sided paper that matches, to 6 1/2" H x 4"W. Round corners. Adhere the typed messages (next step) leaving equal border on both sides and bottom. The top will have a larger border to accommodate the ribbon and button. Punch a ribbon slot in the center of this space.

When creating your typed messages on the computer, create them to fit into the cut size of 5 1/2" H x 3 3/4" W. Round corners after cutting them to size.

The letters cut on the Cricut - 'FAITH" at 3 3/4" and 'strengthen' at 1 3/4" or 1 1/2" if you prefer.

Adhere the 'FAITH' letters 3/4" from the score line, and 'strengthen' letters, 2 on each piece, (the bottom of these letters) 2" from the top. I used removable painter's tape to mark these measurements for easier placement of the letters. I took a gold gel pen and edged around the letters with it. Choose whatever colour of gel pen you wish. Once this done, turn the pieces of paper over with the 'H' on the left and the 'F' on the right. (If you don't do this you will have the word FAITH backwards when completed)

Cut two lengths of ribbon no less than 27". I used 1" removable painter's tape to mark where I need to place the doublesided tape for the edge of the ribbon. One strip at the score line and one at the top of the piece of paper. This way you don't have to measure for your placement. Then I placed the double sided tape just where the center of the ribbon would be when the ribbon is edged next to the painter's tape. Don't have the tape go right to the very edge of the paper, maybe 1/16 of an inch from the edge.

Now place a piece of double sided tape at the left end of the underside of both the ribbons (no more that 1/2") and remove backing and fold edge under. Now be sure to place the pieces of paper no more than 1/8" apart and remove backing of double sided tape one paper at a time adhereing ribbon and making sure that they stay 1/8" apart. When you get to the last one, before removing the backing of the tape, trim ribbon and fold under as you did on the left end of the ribbons. Then complete ribbon placement.

On the bottom, below the score line, place no more than 1/4" doublesided tape to each side. Fold paper upwards from the score line before removing tape backing to get a nice crease. Now remove backing and fold up, creating a pocket.

On the tags slip ribbons through the ribbon slot, and tie the bottons around the ribbon where it meets the paper at the top with string, floss, or very narrow ribbon. Now you may place the tags into the pockets on the back of the accordian folded booklet. Fold like an accordian with the 'F' on the front.

Hope you have fun with this project.

Made for my daughter (it's easy once you've done it once!):

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justbeccuz said...

I came across your blog today and your ideas are so cute!! I'm just loving this faith booklet!