Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thank Yous - August Card Frenzy Continued

It has been a while since I posted some of my August Card Frenzy cards, so today I decided it's time to post a few of the "Thank You" cards I made.

I had thought it might be a good idea to make a masculine Thank You card. So, this is my attempt at it. It is a simple card, using dark brown circles I had left over from a class. It was easy to embellish them with stickers purchased from a Dollar Store that I've had for a while .

Another one that could be a masculine Thank You card, or even a possible Thanksgiving card.

Now comes a card that I thought I wouldn't post, but then thought, "Why not share my mistakes as well". Obviously I had pressed a little too hard on the stamp. I ended up putting it in our free bin in case someone wanted it any way. This card is made up completely of scraps.


Here is another card made with scraps. The gold paper has a blue/green flocked pattern.The stamp is Flourishes Chrysanthemums. I love the layout of this card, and will probably use it again some time
This next card could be used for other purposes, but today I decided to include it with the 'Thank You' cards as it could be used as such. I made three others just like this one with the exception that each has a totally different sentiment on the front. Since the initial card sale held August 28th, we had another at an assisted retirement home September 10th. There was one woman that was left at our booth in her wheelchair, and we showed her all the cards she wanted to see. She kept repeating that she had no money to buy any cards. She must have been at our booth a good 20 minutes to half an hour, and during that time she repeatedly wanted to look at one particular card. It was one of these cards. I decided to give her the card as a gift. I haven't seen anyone so happy in a long time, and she kept thanking me for the gift. Dana, ended up trying to find one of the caregivers to come and take her the rest of the way around the booths. It took a while to find someone, so in the meantime we chatted, and  here is the card.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some more of the cards I created for the community markets we've signed up for.


Laurie said...

Sabrina these are beautiful! You have been busy for sure!

Laurie said...

Sabrina these are beautiful! You have been busy for sure!