Little Darlings - Scrapbook Parade Class

When I first saw this collection I was totally enthralled and excited about the chance to be able to use these enchanting papers in at least one of the many ideas that came pouring into my mind. Keeping it a more simple project for a class, this is what I came up with.


And the girl version

Now for the details and close-ups.

A tiny little tag

Here at the top is a larger tag.

And lastly, the largest tag on this project.

The girl version is similar, but will show you the close-ups just the same.

There are only two tags on this version, the medium sized one and the larger one.

Below is the display card flattened against a page layout made specifically for it to be placed into a scrapbook or a shadow box.

The blank space on the front is for a bay photo, and the tags can have more photos or can used as journaling cards.

This class is scheduled for Saturday, July 28th,

Thank you all for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on this project. Love to read them. And let me know what you've done using this collection, too!

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Anne Lewis said...

Hi Sabrina just found your blog and I love your baby page. They are beautiful and so detailed. Thank you.