Friday, June 8, 2012

Vintage Brag Book - Scrapbook Parade Class

One day, while in a used book shop, I came across a small section displaying vintage books. Some were expensive, and  few others were very reasonable. While looking inside these books, and noting the aging papers, I thought how we try to ink distress paper to  make it look like this, and here it is already naturally aged. That is when I thought about using these books for a vintage project. I came up with the idea of an open book vintage,or shabby chic, brag book. I sometimes have difficulty knowig the difference between the two styes. So I bought two books that were printed in the 1920's for around $3 each and went to work.

Using the Prima Almanac collection, I chose to display a 50th wedding anniversary photo, but a person could brag about many special occasions, such as a birth, a graduation, a wedding, a great achievement of some kind, and so on. Now all things vintage have many details, and this project is no exception. So there are a lot of photos for you to see as many of the details as possible. Here we go.

This is a class that is scheduled for August. Thank you for stopping by to have a look. I have one more book, and am contemplating the same idea, but not as a vintage project. I'm thinking more retro or maybe even see if I could create this same idea as a CAS. I'll have to think on the matter for a while and see what I come up with.

Happy crafting!

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Holly AKA KopyKat said...

Wow, this is so beatiful, what a wonderful project. Love the colors and your great design. Fabulous.