Thursday, September 27, 2012

Clipboard Recipe Mini - Nov 2012 Stay-At-Home Retreat - Scrapbook Parade Class

I mentioned in an earlier post that Scrapbook parade is having a Stay-At-Home Retreat for those who are unable to attend the Honeymoon Bay Scrapbook Parade Retreat held Nov 22 through the 25th and wish to have some fun here at home. I've posted a couple of those classes already. Boxed Vintage Card set, here, and the Perpetual Calendar & Journal, here. Today I'm posting something that I've had ready for quite a while, but haven't posted yet.

A while back, when I made the first Stack-the-Deck Mini-album for a class, a customer asked if we'd ever do a mini for a cook book. as I thought about it I was inclined to think that I had to have something special about the mini to make it interesting. As I thought about using recipes I realized that I often wished I had a stand or clipboard or something to keep the recipe off of the counter and more easily seen while working. I would want a way to read the recipe card with out having to handle it too much while creating the recipe.

Ah ha! A clipboard cover to hold the recipe while the book acts as a stand! I also wanted to make the experience of putting it together more fun. So I thought that the pockets and tags should be pieced so that every bit of paper gets used and if someone makes a cutting mistake it would be no big deal as everything is pieced together any way.

So here it is.

You can see how I used a small clipboard to make the front cover with for this recipe mini. I also love that I found paper that has the same hounds tooth plaid pattern as the the chefs wear on their pants, but on a larger scale.

You can see how thick this mini is. For a Stack-the-Deck mini I wouldn't go any thicker than this. It has 10 pages which makes the spine a little loose when the mini is on it's side like this. This recipe book holds up to 100 recipe cards/tags!

In this next shot you can see one of the cards on the cover clipboard.

See how it is pieced together using two different papers?  And I love how the min acts as a stand with the clipboard for hands-off-the-card cooking/baking!

This next photo shows the book open to the first page.

The teal with black frame is part of a folded tag that is inserted into the page side pocket leaving the front side of the tag out on the front of the page. I could have taken a ton of photos for this album, but opted to leave at this since it's a paper piecing job in class and there is no need for page by page directions. Put each page is a pocket page holding a folded tag, and the other side of the page has two band pockets holding a card tag in each. I see I didn't take a photo of that for some reason.

This will be a great family favorites recipe mini to keep or to give as a gift to family members and friends. I look forward to the retreat. I'll be teaching 5 classes over those three days! It will be great fun!! I have two more retreat classes to post, but I'm waiting for some product to come in before I can make it.

Thank you for checking in and having a look. Enjoy dome crafting time, too!

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