Thursday, September 13, 2012

We Haven't Forgotten You!

Just wanted to quickly say 'Hi' to all our blog friends out there and let you we haven't forgotten you. Just sometimes real life ends up interfering with our crafting life. I do want to quickly share with you a technique that I taught at Scrapbook Parade this last Tuesday.

Retiform Grid Stamping Technique is what this is called. And I found a tutorial for you that you can view to learn this technique, here. I've done this before, but had so much more fun with this because it is the best one I've done so far. It's amazing how much enjoyable things are when it all goes right.

I also did one in blues, but couldn't find my nice dark blue ink pad to stamp the wisemen image with, so this one doesn't look quite right. But, I'm still happy with it.

The women that stopped in for Toonie Tuesday Techniques, enjoyed learning this technique. We discussed how this technique could be used to mat a special photo for scrapbooking as well. And the exciting part of this event was there were two women visiting from out of town. One from Saskatchewan, and her sister from Wales!! They googled us and found Scrapbook Parade and saw that we had Toonie Tuesday and came by to participate! It was so fun to meet these two lovely ladies!

green evening photo I couldn't fix
That also reminds me, that in last weeks Graphic 45 Tropical Travelogue class, a woman from Calgary saw this project, and booked a flight to come and take this class!! I felt honored that someone would do that!! She does have a sister here, so that must have made convincing her husband to spend over $400 to fly here for the class, a little easier.

Thank you for stopping by today. I'll be back soon with a promised double box tutorial and a few more class postings. In the meantime, happy crafting everyone!


Anonymous said...

That was a fun class to do Sabrina! We really had to put in some work to make such a nice tag.

Dana Nelson said...

Very cool, Mom!