Friday, September 21, 2012

Perpetual Calendar & Journal In A Box - Scrapbook Parade Class

Hello bog friends! I can't believe that we have only one more week left in September! Where did the time go?

I'd like to share with you today a project I just completed for one of Scrapbook Parade's Stay-At-Home Retreat classes coming up at the end of November. I'm so excited about this! I came up with a box idea, figured out the diemensions, cut out the parts from chipboard and then covered it with light, neutral, and cheerful paper. I glued the two boxes together, and attached them to a little platform with legs.

Why don't I just show you the photos!

You can see that the papers for this project are mainly Basic Grey. Next is the side with the clothes-pin clip, for notes and such.

Next is the side that holds the pens, a notebook, an ink pad and date stamp.

And the back...

Each month starts with either a yellow or blue cardstock tag that has a perpetual calendar on it to mark or list birthdays. You could make one for anniversaries and put it on the back of the card too. That is followed by a yellow library card to show that it is a new month. The rest of the days of the month have a white library card.

What are the library cards for? That is the 'journal' part of this project. We're all so busy that no matter how determined we are to keep a journal, it almost always falls by the wayside. But, if you had it accessible, and only had to write a line or two each day, it would be so much more easier to do, wouldn't it.

All you do is date stamp the date on the card and write a line or two, then put it to the back exposing the next day's card ready to write a couple of lines on the following day. And again it gets put to the back, and this continues till you're back to the start and you date stamp again, write a little something and put it to the back again. The following year you can see what you did the year before andwhat happened! I can hardly wait to use mine. ;)

The next photo shows a perpetual calendar card pulled up.

Dana, as you can see, with October 22nd not filled in, I haven't filled the calendars in yet. ;)
Next is the day card (library card) pulled up for you to see.

Even if you just write an appointment on the day's journal entry on the library card, or "I cut my finger onpening a cardboard box today", it is something that will be of interest the next year when you pull that card again.

There are 366 library cards in this box with 12 monthly calendar cards. 12 of the 366 cards are yellow marking the first day of the month. If your wondering why 366 cards, I put one extra in February for leap years.

I think this would make a great orgainzational tool as well as a perpetual calendar & journal since you could write appointments and such on the library cards too. I like the fact that since the library cards are made for books that they are acid free, & etc, too.

Hope you like this little project. If you want to know how I made it, let me know in the comments and I'll have a tutorial for you the beginning of December after the class.

Thank you for stopping by. Have fun crafting, and happy Fall!


Dana Nelson said...

Mom, this is fabulous! I can't believe you made that box from scratch! Wish I could take this class--sounds fun!
How do you mark which day you're at in the journal? Or do you just keep filing them in the back of the box as you go?
I didn't think anything of my bday not being filled in... I assume you would keep this blank for demo-ing. Though, I love you note to call Lerina! ;)

Dana Nelson said...

Oh, and where did you get the library cards?

Sabrina said...

Where you can get Library cards from-

Here are two links to where you can purchase library cards. You do have to get a box of them and I think there are 500 to a box. There are colours to choose from as well as different layouts. So watch closely at the layouts when ordering. The first comes from the US where we ordered them from -

and this one is a Canadian source -

Sabrina said...

Marking each day on the journal - You stamp the date on the card, write your appts, or something that happened, or a quick thought, and then file it to the back. And it just keeps rotating that way, and when you end up back at where you started, it just keeps going until you run out of space on your cards. You can replace them with new cards and keep the filled ones in a box for storage and reference in the future.

SherryBee said...

This is wonderful! I would love to see the tutorial, when you get it done!
SherryBee in Arizona