Graphic 45 Design Team 2014 Audition

Ok everyone, this is a long post, so you may want to grab a nice herbal tea or hot chocolate, then get all comfy while you browse this DT application post. There's a lot to see!

It's the time of year when Graphic 45 has their Design Team Call! And I'm getting this in just under the wire!!! Many of you know that I've been away teaching classes as a guest instructor with the focus being on Graphic 45 product. I just got back a week ago, and have been busy since. I've been going through my last year's work, and started creating this post a little at a time about a week ago. But I ran into things that slowed the process down. First I had to stock up after being away and coming home to empty cupboards and fridge, do the laundry, etc., then I couldn't sit for a couple of days which kept things slowed down, and lastly something that just about had me panic! My power cord to my laptop broke off at the elbow joint! I thought, "Oh, oh! Will I not be able to get my application off?" You see this has happened to me before with a different laptop and it took me a long time to find a cord! But thanks to a good dear friend, I was rescued.

Many of you know how much I love Graphic 45 products and what a big fan I am. Some of you encouraged me last year and were with me as I auditioned and made top 30! I thank you for your encouragement and incredible support. I'm here auditioning again for 2014's DT! Applicants have been asked to share projects on our blogs. Since I've increased my Graphic 45 project production considerably since last year, I decided to showcase then in categories; layouts, cards, albums, & projects. For the more detail involved projects I decided to include a video too.

For my faithful followers, this will be like a year in review (which I didn't do this last January). I tried to get a new project ready to include in this audition posting so you wouldn't be bored with the same stuff you've already seen. But since it is so close to the deadline and I'm not close enough to completing it, I might just include it as a separate new project a few days from now.

I've basically just posted the images for you, but you can click on the dates to review the details on the original posts. So here I go.


"Iris Celebration" using "A Lady's Diary" posted May 31, 2013.

"Joie de Vivre" using "French Country" posted September 9, 2013

"My Five Beautiful Grand-daughters" using "Secret Garden" posted October 16, 2013.

"My Handsome Grandsons" using "French Country" posted November 5, 2013.

"Christmas 2013" using "The Twelve Days of Christmas" posted  November 15, 2013.
(This one is photo ready - no pics on it)

And the last layout,  "Teaching Classes I"  posted January 3, 2014, using "Sweet Sentiments".

I did have other favorite layouts to show, but opted not to as they were not Graphic 45 paper.


"Square Cards" made using "French Country" posted September 5, 2013.

"Square Christmas Cards" posted November 4, 2013, using "The Twelve days of Christmas".

"Anniversary Card & Box Envelope" posted December 12, 2013, using "Couture".

And also from the "Couture" collection this "Happy Birthday Card & Box" posted December 16, 2013.

Then this "Multi-Purpose Card" posted January 14, 2014, made using "Couture" again.

For the final card, this "French Country" birthday card posted February 9, 2014.


For a better look at the albums, I'll post YouTube links for a more detailed look at the projects via videos.

First I'll show you one that I just taught to make in Edmonton, Alberta at the request of Ivy & Cori-Lyn, owners of Scrap Addicts. This 10" x 10" album was made using Graphic 45's "Couture".

 Here is the video to see it all.

This next project is a combination home decor project (Christmas) and a mini-album made with Graphic 45's "Twelve Days of Christmas" and is posted here. Not quite sure which category to list this one under as it falls under two categories.

And here is the video showcasing the entire project with the mini-album. It needed so much more room I had to record it on my kitchen table. There wasn't enough space to showcase it in my workspace.

I have more mini-albums, but they aren't made with Graphic 45 paper, and there are a lot of creations to view as it is.


This is a project I created for my Mom for Christmas. I called it a Multi-Purpose Tray Organizer and posted it December 25, 2013. It was created using Graphic 45's "Sweet Sentiments".

This French Country Card Keeper Organizer I created to include an address book and perpetual calendar. It was posted October 24, 2013.

I'm going to keep it down to three projects, so here is the third and final.

I posted this November 12, 2013, and it was created using "The Twelve Days of Christmas" paper of  Graphic 45. It is my take on a large version of an explosion box.

Well, I think I should stop here. Seeing a few others that posted quite a few projects too, I don't feel so badly. I thought it might be over kill until I saw other entrants do the same. Now I have to wait and see if first I make the top 30, and then hopefully the DT!! I so want to create with all the future gorgeous Graphic 45 collections!! I can hardly wait to see what they come up with next! Always a wonderful surprise! I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve waiting for the next collections to come. I would love to represent Graphic 45 for as long as I can.

Thank you everyone, whether you be Graphic 45, blog followers, good friends, or 'newbies' to this blog; thank you for stopping by to have a look at some of my Graphic 45 projects over the past year.

Happy papercrafting everyone!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE everything you create with paper ESPECIALLY G45 and they would be crazy not to pick you this year!!!

Sabrina said...

Thank you Carol! So kind of you to say.Wishing you all the best in your endevors too! hugs

Anonymous said...

Sabrina's gift with Graphic 45 paper is amazing. I am constantly blown away by what she creates with this beautiful paper. We were thrilled when she agreed to come be our very first guest instructor in our new store in Edmonton...I can't wait to see her projects as part of the G45 design team.

Sabrina said...

Thank you Scrap! Such kind praise. It was wonderful to meet you! All the best with your store and endevors! hugs

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you made it on time! Hopefully they will see the wisdom of choosing you this year.
Luck be with you.

Annette Green said...

Wow! Some really great creations. Best of luck to you.

Sabrina said...

TY Carol & Annette for your vote of confidence. Muchly appreciated. :)

mow180 said...

Sabrina - if hard work and talent have anything to do with design team choice, you are a sure pick! Lovely, lovely work. You do justice to the wonderful paper designs.

mow180 said...

Sabrina - if hard work and talent have anything to do with design team choice, you are a sure pick! Lovely, lovely work. You do justice to the wonderful paper designs.

Sara Russell-Clark said...

Your layouts and cards are incredible! Good luck with your audition!

Elizabeth Wick said...

Sabrina, your work is incredible. The amount of work and detail you put in to each project is amazing. There must be something wrong with the judging if they do not see the love, inspiration from the pictures you use and the dedicated hard work. You have my vote and best wishes! Miss your classes.

Lisa Troch said...

Wow, girl! This stuff is awesome!!!

Sabrina said...

TY everyone for your sweet comments and support! Hope you all have amazing weeks!!

hugs :)

Dana Nelson said...

Good luck, Mom! Glad to hear things worked out!

Sabrina said...

TY Dana, I'm glad too. ;)

Sabrina said...

Copy and pasted via email comment to email notification of posting.

from Brenda -


TY Brenda for your encouraging support.

Sabrina said...

Another copy and paste from a response to email notification of post. This one is by Judy -


lol...TY Judy for your sweet comment and supoort.

Katie Zoey Ho said...

I love all your projects here!!! It's inspiring!!! I teach mainly G45 projects too!!! Best of luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Sabrina, your work is very impressive and inspiring to say the least. Love your double page layouts and your great photography skills. Thank you for auditioning for the Graphic 45 Design Team. -Charee

Cakestein Estudio said...

Good luck !!!

Gina Pisello said...

I love your design team projects. Good luck.

Jenny Potter said...

Love the tray organiser you made for your mum! Your layouts and projects are beautiful. Good luck!

Sabrina said...

Thank you Charee, Cakestein, Gina, & Jenny. I'm sitting on pins and needles till Thursday! Hope I can sleep....;)

Maria said...

Sabrina! Wow, what an amazing line up of projects ... you are such a talented designer, and do such a beautiful job with Graphic 45 papers. I wish you the best of luck, dear lady!!

Sabrina said...

TY Maria! Your wish means the world to me! But I didn't receive your comment until this morning (March 28th) and I check several times a day. Must have been some hold up somewhere, lol. As you now know by now, I didn't make the top 30 this year. Disappointed, but I'm not giving up! I'll try again next year!


mow180 said...

I was so unhappy that you didn't make the top 30. You are #1 in my book Sabrina - Robin M.

Barry and Lana said...

I'm so sorry you won't be on the G45's certainly not because you lack talent. Everything you make is beautiful with such attention to details.

Sabrina said...

Thank you for your support Barry and Lana, and for your comment, but that's OK. There's always next year! You have to keep trying for what you want. Right!