Migrating to a New Bullet Journal

I learned a lot from my first bullet journal; what not to include, what modifications I needed to make in my set up, and the decision that I should have two bullet journals. The reason I decided this is that I used one entire BuJo just for a year set up and two months. There are things I included that I like to refer to a lot, but did not want to set up and migrate every two months! I will get into the details of this a little later.

Today I will show you the set up for my new BuJo starting with the migrated layouts. First let's start with my choice for my new bullet journal. After viewing a few journal comparisons on YouTube, I decided to go with a 'Dingbat' journal. They are hand crafted and I love the feel of the cover. I chose the blue whale not only because I like the colour blue, but because I live by the ocean and thought it fit well with that part of my life. I also love the fact that the pages are a little wider than the usual bullet journals which helps in setting up layouts with more room for writing.

I will skip the index and key at this time and go to my Year-At-A-Glance. Even if I only get two or three months into a journal, I like to be able to see the year calendar. This is how I set it up this time. The blank space to the left, I plan to add a quote.

Since I did not end up needing my 6 month 'Future Log' in the last journal, I decided to make more room for each month and cut it down to four months. I think I prefer this vertical layout over the horizontal one I did in the last journal.

Something different for me is that I kept it simple. I love how it looks, and hope I can learn to be more simple with my layouts. If any of you know me, you might laugh about that, because I love to fill in space and go a little overboard at times. I hope I am learning that once you fill up the pages, then it gets to be too much.

I migrated the "Classes-At-A-Glance" because I really need that. I decided to create a little more space for this to include a little more info for each (which I have not completed yet). That meant I needed to figure out a way to title this spread without the usual space at the top. So I created the repeated text around the edge as a border and indicator of what this spread is about.

Then I decided to include my "Projects" spread in the yearly section rather than include it in my monthly. This includes the Future class projects you see below and what I used before, but I also created a few pages like this for Studio Kit Projects as well. Because they are identical in layout with just a different title, I did not include a photo of them.

Just a note that I did not complete these pages yet. I have a list of things to add in the lower left portion of the layout. But you have already seen these from the previous journal, so I did not think it mattered much.

Well, that is it for this part of my new journal. Tomorrow and the following day, I will be posting class samples I have completed and are coming up soon. After that I will show you my March set up.

So take care everyone, and happy creating!

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