April Bullet Journal Set Up - Cacti Theme

Not sure if I should say "Cactus Theme", or "Cacti Theme"? Anyone know?

First off, I would like to thank those that have commented to me in person that they do enjoy seeing something a little different on my blog, and love seeing other types of creativity. So with that in mind, I am going ahead with posting some more Bullet Journaling photos to share with you.

My son sent me plane tickets to go visit them in Phoenix for the first two weeks of April, and I have had to change my usual layout for that month, because I do not need to schedule and plan things related to teaching classes, or even church. I also had to take into consideration the number of pages I had left in my BuJo because I wanted to be sure I could have a third month in this one. In other words, I am trying to narrow things down just a little, and have come up with some ideas on that in another future post.

To start off with I wanted to come up with theme, better than the one I executed for March, and one that would reflect my visit to Arizona. That is why I chose 'cacti' / 'cactus' as my theme. I have never drawn or painted them before, and was worried how it would turn out. I am happy to say that I am pleased, not only with the drawing and painting, but with the colours I chose. I added a lot of gold to the month's setup.

So, let's begin with my "Hello April" page.

Here is just the image without the gold wash tape borders.

This is my April calendar or future log if you wish. (sorry about the light reflection off of the metallic gold washi tape). I used a stencil to colour in all the gold circles with my metallic pen and then when dry, write in the date numbers. See the cacti on either side of "April"? I painted those right over the marker fill-in I had for the header.

I decided that I only needed one page for my April goals for two reasons. 1) I was not working on my goals because I had too many. 2) Being on a trip would not allow me to work on some of them while away. And, because I was away, I changed my budget page to one as well. I have not yet drawn in a graph or table as I am still trying figure out the best one for my needs.

Even though I will be away, I figure that I will still be using my monthly "Brain Dump" page. I love having this each month.

Now, for my Habit Tracker.  I decided to still include some of the things I probably would not be marking off because I would need them for the times I will be at home. I did make some changes again, however, in the key, in using my gold metallic pen to draw in a line between each week, and adding an extra line in case I thought of something to add.

Now, this is the end of the monthly set up, and I go into the realm where I had to make a lot of changes. Remember my layout for the time I was away in Alberta? Well, I am doing something similar, but with some changes. I decided to use just a half page for the three days before I leave, as I will just be doing preparations for the trip and not require a lot of space.

However, you will note that the day I leave, and for the rest of the time, I have a full page set up in a more vertical set up. By just using lines to divide up the space, rather than boxes, I am saving on wasted space allowing for more writing. I still have a space for scheduling things, writing down something to be grateful for, track what I am eating and the water I drink, with a small expenses/spending section for each day, a little box to track the weather, and still have space for the photo of the day with a highlights section to journal in.

Do you like my plane silhouette? I have it on the day I leave, and on the day I return. I am thinking I should have made them a bit smaller, however.

Did you notice the little cactus in the highlights corner? I have one on each page that I will be away. So the next few photos are the same layout, but each cactus drawing is different, and I wanted to share them all with you, so I hope you do not mind.

When I got to this point, I decided that I might just want to do some colouring/painting while I was away. after all, I do need a daily creative experience. So the next photos are close ups of the penciled in drawings before I colour them.

So, I hope you enjoyed my layout changes and all my cactus drawings. I will be back with a few more pages to share with you. I just haven't finished colouring them yet. And I have pages set up for when I get back home, the latter half of the month. So look for another post for my April set up. I also have two mini Bullet Journals to share with you. I bought them for my 16 year old and 14 year old granddaughters. I set up the month of May for them, leaving the rest up to them. So look for them as well.

Happy creating everyone!

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