March 2018 Bullet Journal Set Up

Hello friends!

Turns out that I did not get a quote for the classes I promised to post for you today. I have all the sample photos done, but just need to hear back on the class costs, etc.. So for those of you that wanted me to keep posting about my bullet journal, I will share my set up of March with you.

Now, remember when I said I was going to try to keep things more simple, yesterday? Well, I once again got carried away. I prefer soft pastel colours for my journal, but because I had decided two things; 1) a feather theme, 2) to print and make stickers to add rather than drawing, I ended up putting too many feathers in and in colours that I am not happy with. I wanted to coordinate my colours with the feathers I chose and printed.

Well, let me just go ahead and show you what I did.

The left page is still waiting for my quote, and the right page is my "Hello March" page. I used a printable page, made it smaller, and coloured it in with my watercolour pencils using the same colours as the two large feathers that I had printed out in those colours. A turquoise, and 2 different pinks, all with gold. I also printed out a sheet of outlined feathers in different patterns to colour in. I used the same colours, and a gold marker.

Then on the March Calendar page, I got too carried away with adhering different feathers...and using those shamrock stickers!

So much for my simple layout.

I kept it calmer on the next layout, my Habit Tracker pages, but still used the brighter colours. Don't get me wrong, I love bright colours, but for some reason, in my bullet journal, I prefer the soft pastels. I like this layout better than the last one as it is in a wider journal, and it makes it fit in better.

I did do something different again with my Habit tracker. As you can see, rather than putting a dot in the centre of each square, I decided to cross off the box. The other change is the marking of my mood, and pain levels. Rather than colouring in the square with coded colours, I decided to try writing in a letter form my code. I love the look of the colours, but it took time to get out my makers and fill them in. So, I thought the letter codes might be the way to go. I will determine at the end of the month, if it works better for me or not.

I may as well show you the first week of March, or the 10th week of the year.

I continued in the same colours and with the feather theme, but once again attached one or two too many feathers. You can see that I have been using my gold marker on all of the pages.

I forgot to take a photo of my "Learned Something New" layout, but now that I have written on the page, will not be taking a photo of it to share with you. It is the same layout as it has been for February since it worked well for me.

I know I do not have a different layout to show you and they are all the same for each week, but for now I am really liking the layout that I have. It works great for me! Next week it will probably be the very same layout, but I will be doing it in softer colours and perhaps using some real narrow wash tape if my order arrives in time.

Happy creating everyone!

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