Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Memory Keepers!

This week on StampTV, tackle that messy shoebox full of photos by making a beautiful Memory Keeper. These pretty little boxes will store all of those photos by event while you are waiting to scrapbook them, or for those of you who don't scrapbook, these are a fabulous way to organize and display them on a shelf or in a basket!

Download this complimentary Journaling card template (found here) and you can include all of the important details along with your photos to help relive those precious moments each time you look through your pictures. These journaling cards will help generations to come see your photos with a better understanding of what was happening at the time and who was in the photos, AND, they are a great thing to use to help remember the details if you plan to scrapbook and journal later on.

Even if you aren't into photos and scrapbooks, these little boxes will help you organize your coupons, receipts, recipes and more, plus, they make a beautiful gift when filled with homemade cards and envelopes.

View the video tutorial to make these beautiful boxes here!

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