Sunday, January 3, 2010

Scrap Challenge

Nichole challenged her design team and her readers to pull ye olde scrap pile and put together some cards! I found it funny that my mother had just recently done this (see here) and I had followed suit (see here).

I've been looking up the entries people have linked to Nichole's blog and here are some of my favs (in no particular order)!


What a stunning card! I really like Mariana's blog!

Another beauty here (by Teri)!

I find the Martha Stewart butterfly punch boring but this card is a beautiful concept and I'd love to try it out using a Cricut butterfly or stamped butterfly.

I liked Katiejane's scrappy flowers!

This one, by Anthonette, is one of my favs!

So cute and fluffy, Shirlann!

These are stunning (by Karla Kroese)!

These, by Caryn, are so sweet! Click here and here.

Very cute (by Lori McAree)!

This one by Mandy is neat, too!

I love this paper flower embellishment that Sue Lelli made out of a magazine!

So simple... I love Amy Wanford's card!

Stunning (by Katy Myhre)!

Trés chic (by Regan D'Agostino)!

I love, love, love this card by Paulina!

These fabulous beauties are Suzanne's and mimic Jess's Patchwork Scrapwork technique here!


Julia Ryder:


Jennifer Holmes:

K Berthiaume:

Kelly Schirmer:

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