Altenew Majestic Mistletoe

Last month, well before the Christmas rush started, I had started to make these Christmas cards that I am posting for you today. I got to a certain point for their assembly, and then it had be put on hold as life got in the way with classes, new class samples needed, and helping with our church Christmas dinner. It wasn't until Monday evening that I was able to complete putting the cards together, address them and send them off. I had planned to make more like these with different sentiments, colours and layouts, but with time constraints ended up going through all my old class leftovers hunting for Christmas cards to send of to those that lived the furthest away, and of course paying more to send them because they were thick cards. That was why I wanted to make these cards...

Oh well, that is how life works sometimes.

I was very excited to use this Altenew stamp set...Majestic Mistletoe...

...and the Tim Holtz Tonic Stamping Platform for the first time!

This is a great tool (like the MISTI) to use for layered stamping! Still getting used to using and working with the tool, but I really encourage you to use yours or consider getting one.

Here is one of the cards close up.

To create the snow I used NUVO Crystal Drops Simply White.

I was a little disappointed however, that the drops I added over the stamped images took on the ink colour. But the overall effect I really like, and an added bonus...they dry real quick!

Things I would have done differently now that I have learned more...

  1. I would have waited to stamp and emboss the sentiment until after stamping the layers for the mistletoe (I had stamped and embossed the sentiment in the centre, first)
  2. I later learned about stamping and embossing sentiments twice to make them stand out and be a little smoother, and will do that in the future
  3. I already knew that one should test a product before using it, but I did not test how the NUVO drops would work on stamped images

I love the stamping platform tool for these reasons

  1. great for mass producing stamped cards
  2. great for lining up when using layered stamps
  3. great for stamping multiple times in the exact same spot for darkening your ink colour or for better ink coverage of a stamped sentiment
  4. great for double heat embossing

I look forward to getting more proficient at using this tool. And need I say that I love my newfound Altenew! Love all the flower stamps and sentiments they have!! It will take me a while to get them all! LOL

The MISTI & Altenew class that were recently posted on the Scrapbook Essentials BC Facebook page, were created after I made these cards. I will post that class for you over the next few days.

I ended up using these cards for local mailing, and am happy to say that I got all 45 cards mailed. Now I just have a few to give out in person.

Till next time, happy creating!

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