Class Photos - 2nd Watercolour Pencil Class

This post will be a little different because I took a to of photos during this class. I narrowed down the photos to these ones for two reasons. 1) some of the photos were really blurry and not clear, and 2) there were just too many. So for those of you that were in this class and you do not see as many of your creations in this posting, those are the reasons.

I do, however, want to say how impressed I was with those that took the class. For some of you this was only the second time you issued your watercolour pencils, and I just want to say how impressed I was with everyone's creations! The next watercolour pencil class will be this one. I look forward to seeing your creations there too.

In class we created two scenes with the same stamp (Penny Black "Snowy Hamlet"). One was a sunset, and the other an evening view. So I will just leave you to browse through the photos, and some of them still are not that clear, but I chose to post them anyway. I am still having problems adjusting to taking photos with mu iPad mini rather than a camera.

Sunset View

Evening View

Beautiful work ladies!

Looking forward to the next Watercolour pencil class!

Happy creating everyone!

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