Favourites of 2017 # 3 - Shabby Chic Cards

This year Shabby Chic cards were a big hit at the studio! I must say that I did have an awful lot of fun making them. This style is not my go-to style when creating cards, but as I said I enjoyed making these cards a lot.

These are my favourites from the classes.

From the first class... see class post here, and card post here.

This class started it all!

Next favourite Shabby Chic card is one of two from this class. We did a lot of stitching, but it was worth it!

I could not choose a favourite from this next Shabby Chic card class, so I will re-share both of them with you. Here is the class post.

Once again, I could not choose a favourite from this Shabby Chic class.

And then from the last Shabby Chic class I taught, I again have say that both fall into the favourites. Here is the class posting.

I love working with the 49th & Market products! And I miss teaching the Shabby Chic classes. There is only so much a person can do.... Maybe, one day....

Thank you for stopping by again, and I hope you are enjoying the tour of my favourites for 2017 so far.

Happy creating!

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