Watercolour Pencil Class - Penny Black "Live it Up"

Time for another Watercolour Pencil class!

This time we will be focusing on two different ways to create a sky with a few fluffy clouds. (Again apologies for the photos)

WHEN: Saturday, January 20th
WHERE: Langford Legion Hall
TIME: 10:00 - 12:00
$25.00 + GST

To register for the class, contact Stacey - sbebc2011@gmail.com or 778-533-4290.

We are going to have some fun with this class! Basic cloud and sky techniques will be the focus of this class, as well as how to use colour to give shape/dimension to objects. You will be introduced to the "Stomping" technique, to create clouds, on the 'tip to tip' Pearl Embossed hot air balloon scene, and on the other you will use your pencils to colour on the paper with colour saturation, before using your water brushes.

PLEASE BRING TO CLASS - All your watercolour Pencils, Aqua Brushes or traditional watercolour brushes, a jar with water, paper towel, a plastic lid or watercolour pallet, washi-tape or watercolour tape or masking tape, your wood cutting board with handle, and heat tool. Always bring to watercolour pencil classes your craft knife or pencil sharpener, and a NOTEBOOK to write down tips and things you learn. A good idea to bring to every class you attend.

A great little stamp set for this class. There are only a limited number of these stamp sets available, as the wholesaler has discontinued them, So if you haven't already purchased this stamp set from Stacey, be sure to contact her before they are gone!

See you all in class Ladies! Happy creating!

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