Monday, April 19, 2010

Brother & Sister Moments Growing Up

For a little while now, whenever I had a moment to work on the many boxes of photos I have, I have been using many of them as a single picture on a single page. While discussing this with my 32 year old daughter, we decided that I could make a double page layout using many of them, giving them this title.Aren't we smart? lol. There will more than likely be more created using this title. Might have to make an entire scrapbook dedicated to this theme since with five children there where many such moments. Well here it is.
Dana, was a little disappointed that there was only one photo that included her. I told here that there would be more of these pages to come, and that there would be more of her.

I liked the idea of using circles/rings because it made me think of lightness and happiness which I associate with family, good times, and bubbles. When my children were young, like all children, they loved to go outside and blow bubbles.

Here are close ups of the two pages.

Cricut - Base Camp font & Wild Card font, and forgot which cartridge i used for the circle rings - will add when I look into it.
Spellbinders circles for smaller and more circle ring sizes.

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